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Friday, May 22, 2009

The tweet..

One thing I have never done after I have started blogging is write a short post :-p. Usually once I start writing its like I don't have control over the post's size. I guess its because I love being elaborate and all that. But these days, there are so many thoughts running through my head and I don't really have the time/patience to write mile-long posts on them :-D. What happens is that I totally forget the idea that I had or even if I don't forget, it'll be on my mind for days, yet I wouldn't have written anything about it. So I've decided, not to switch over to Twitter (I can't really handle updating another thing when I am already lagging behind in updating so many :-p), but put up short posts labelling "Tweets". The size will not be limited (now I can't do that, can I? :-D) but the post will be much shorter than my usual. Please don't worry that someone has hacked into my account if you see several posts on one day :-D.

Let me start off with one rant. Whats with friends who invite you to other social networks? I mean I'm on Orkut dammit. I take pains to keep my profile updated, upload pictures and keep in touch with you. You hardly ever scrap me, don't put up (m)any photos, don't wish on my birthday, don't even see my photos and you want to be my friend on Yaari? Why, for heaven's sake? I don't get you, pal! Please spare this already-troubled poor soul :-p.


Soumya retorted...

I can totally understand..I just mercilessly delete such requests..Orkut and facebook are about enough for me..

Liked the tweet idea..So many posts just go into oblivion because I don't write then and there..

Deeps retorted...


Arey yaar, I have joined Facebook, have not been able to update it till now. Hopefully will get it done sometime {rolls her eyes}.