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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The dance..

This week I attended an African dance class in YMCA and became an instant fan. The dance was the typical tribal dance that you see in TVs, but what I loved was that it was totally liberating. While I was dancing, I felt free. Literally lost inhibitions and I hardly ever do that! The class was not the typical teacher-do-students-follow. Yes, she taught us steps, but later she made us interact with others. We even had to make teams and create our own dance using the steps she taught us. Somehow the effect literally made me forget my troubles. Sadly, I hear she's leaving in July. I am planning to make the most of it until she's here. Give it a try if you have a YMCA nearby and if they offer the class :).

As for me, the next new thing is going to be Pilates :).


Soumya retorted...

Wow! That must have been quite an experience. I'm sure any dance has the effect that it makes us forget all worries.
Good job!

Deeps retorted...


I agree about all dances helping in forgetting the worries, but this one was different. I can't exactly say how, but the first thing I could think of was being free :).

WordPower retorted...

Felt good reading this post!! I feel the same after I finish working out in the Gym! Of course, It is reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllyyyy difficult getting myself on to the treadmill!! :D :D :D

Deeps retorted...


I dislike treadmill, its kinda boring. If it was only treadmill, even I'd have difficulty just going to the gym ;-). Which is why I make it a point to attend group exercize classes :-D.