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Monday, October 30, 2006

Bhooooooooooooooooooooth :-O

I'm not reviewing a horror film. Nor did I have any paranormal experiences to share in my blog. I just made the title a bit dramatic for the celebration of Halloween here in US. No no no, we don't celebrate it. But its kind of like any festival in India, what with stuff being advertized all over TV, stuff seen in all corridors of supermarts and the decorations in front of homes (thats the best part) :).

Halloween, Wikipedia tells me, is a tradition celebrated on the night of October 31 (looks like I am 1 day early :-D), most notably by children dressing in costumes and going door-to-door collecting sweets. It was originally known as "All Saints' day". Many European cultural traditions hold that Halloween is one of the liminal times of the year when the spiritual world can make contact with the physical world and when magic is most potent.

For halloween, people decorate their front porches with jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, witches, ghosts etc. Usually kids dress up in costumes (everything ranging from Superman to Dracula :-D) and go door-to-door in their neighborhood, ringing each doorbell and yelling "trick or treat!". And they get some treats :). Nobody has come to my door till now. I hope nobody came on saturday and sunday as we had been out to Smoky mountains for our yearly autumn colours quota (thats the post coming up next :-D). But if some kids do come today/tomorrow, I have the chocolates ready :)).

Meanwhile, I saw many interesting decorations in my neighbourhood and was so impressed with the time and effort gone into some of those. The post is a result of that awe :).

Most of the house front porches are decorated with various things like artificial skulls, bones, pumpkins and scarecrows ofcourse :).

Even the trees are not spared (:-D):

The decorations are not really scary, but might be for little children ;-). The scarecrows and pumpkins are all smiling, but well maybe they are all smiling wickedly :-O.

But you can make out that some decorations have really taken some thought and lots of effort, like this one and this is my favourite of them all:

The cotton made to look like webs does look creepy ;-) :-D. Some porches had these paper ghosts that glow in the dark on the trees, big air balloons shaped like pumpkins (the balloons had all lost air, so couldn't get any pics of those :-p) and also various other creepy statues.

There was one house which had a Egypitian-mummy like corpse statue and a well. And this below one has a skeleton sitting in a chair :-D.

Its fun for everyone, for the people who put up the decorations and for the on-lookers as well. But there are some people who protest against halloween saying its a occult evil holiday and not a Christian religion celebration. It seems Halloween was not celebrated at all in the 1980's. In one apartment that we previously lived in last year, one of our neighbours had distributed these pamplets saying how Halloween is about cults who serve satan. We told them that we are not Christians and hence will not be celebrating Halloween anyways :-D. But most other people seem to think that Halloween is just a harmless holiday for the kids to dress up and enjoy candies :).

Anyways the celebration as such makes no difference to me, except for the fact that I enjoy the creativity of the decorations :). And taking photos :). And putting them up in my blog :-D.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Roses are red and violets are blue...

As promised in my last post, I'll be writing an essay about "My garden" today. Hehehehe, I promise to not make it sound like an essay :-D. There have been so many posts on others' blogs about their gardens and pictures of their flowers, that naturally I got jealous ;-). I already had a planted garden which had lots of flowers, I had also taken photos of the flowers and I still had not put up a post on it? Hmmmm. It was time to rectify the mistake :).

Some history before I say anything on my current garden. Gardening is not a hobby for me, it kind of is habitual. My parents are fond of gardening and since, we have mostly lived in independent houses which had land suitable for gardening, we always have had flowering plants and potted plants at our houses. So when my parents built their own house, obviously they left some space for gardening. Only its not a sophisticated compact garden, it has all sorts of plants/trees (its a have-it-all :-D). They have 2 coconut trees, 2 arekanut trees (no, my parents aren't farmers :-p), 2 avocado (butter fruit) trees, 2 guava trees, some banana saplings, many rose bushes, many hibiscus bushes, some curry-leaf plants, some crotons, some hedges and what not! They also have many potted plants and a space in the back where they have a papaya tree, colocasia and turmeric plants and a current vegetable plant (I think its avarekai as of now - we've had everything from brinjals to bittergourds there ;-) :-D). There's not too much space, so its kinda a mess, but I still love it, because its a haven for plants. Its almost as if no plant is refused shelter ;-).

I'd help out in trimming the hedges (there was no gardener available nearby) and watering the plants (whenever I got up early ;-), which was not often :-p). So I've always wanted to have a garden. After we came to US, we mostly lived in apartments, so a garden was not really an option. Even potted plants make a mess, so we didn't really want to buy any. But when we shifted to an independent house here in US, we had a lawn and some space in the back too. There was already a tree and a holly bush planted, but no flowers as such. So I started plotting :).

The gardening concept as such is very different in US as to what it is in India. There is huggggggggge sections allotted to gardening in supermarkets. There are lawnmowers, leaf-blowers, edge trimmers, various tools for gardening, seeds, potted plants, various types of soil and fertilizer mixes, plant food (:-D), weed/grass killers, insect killers and on and on and on. Since we had a lawn, one of our first purchases was a lawnmower due to the do-it-yourself policy. The first plants to arrive were 2 rose plants (potted), one red and another cream coloured. But buying plants means more buying ;-). We had to buy pots and then 2 bags of potting mix (its soil mixed with essential nutrients :-D). We also bought a jasmine plant (not the Indian variety I like :(, couldn't find that anywhere - we went to some 6 different nurseries) called Star jasmine and spearmint (pudina :-D). I meticulously planted these in the pots we bought using the potting mix. But I really wanted some sort of flowers planted in the lawns at the sides of the garage path. I looked and looked and was never satisfied with the plants and prices. Then the season of chrysanthemums (sevanthige hoovu) started :).

Here were flowers that were colourful and that had fragnance (believe me, fragnance is something thats not associated with most flowers available in US :-p). We bought 4 yellow, 4 orange and 2 pink chrysanthemums + 12 croton plants as fillers for inbetween. We also got pink and red geraniums. Next was planting time. So we even bought tools for the same. There was a seperate planting mix available for plants in grounds, so we bought that too :-p.

One fine day, we started off. I had planned precisely what plants go where, so we both started digging holes and planted 22 plants distibuted between the 2 sides of the garage path :). The geraniums, we decided to keep as it is (jn their containers)and not plant :). Since one side did look a bit empty, we even got a small stand and a hanging pot containing white, blue and red petunia flowered plants to hang on the stand. The flowers bloomed for sometime and then all faded away. Well, the plants do look better in shops, but this was the limit. But slowly, after days of pruning and watering, the flowers bloomed again. Meanwhile I bought 2 more yellow crysanthemum plants and put them in the pots. So totally we own 6 potted plants, 2 geranium 6-each potted sets and 22 plants on ground. Here's a comparison on how the house as such looked earlier to now (the photo angle is a bit different, so kindly adjust :-D).

The individual sides look like this:

As for the flowers, as I mentioned in my Deepawali post, they have been a total joy to me. They look oh-so-good! Its a plus that I have been able to make garlands and we have been able to use them in festivals and poojas :).

I made the above picture myself using Paint Shp Pro. It did take some time, but it came out nice. It cannot really be called a collage, but its a collection of snaps. You can see the individual snaps at flickr here. Well, I am having a 2-way hobby here - gardening + photography :-D. I daily water the plants, prune them often and Sri's role is to mow the lawn regularly.

Whats next for my garden? Tulips!! We already have bought Tulip bulbs pertaining to various colours. The bulbs need to be planted in autumn for them to flower in spring. We still haven't done that, so our next task is going to be, yup, you guessed it, digging holes again and planting them :). But its getting too cold to be outside for long hours and we are biding our time.

Sadly the flowers are not going to last long. There was a slight snowfall just a day ago (it happened in the night, so we didn't see the snow fall. Got up and went outside to water the plants and there was a thin sheet of snow on the grass and the flowers) and this is going to increase as days pass. My potted plants are all going inside the garage at night. But nothing can be done for the ones in the ground. Hopefully the supermarket will have some material to protect the roots of the plants (I'm sure it will ;-) :-D), for them to survive the winter.

Ok the essay is done :). Hopefully I'll have a post on the blooming tulips next spring :).

Where flowers bloom so does hope - Lady Bird Johnson.

Flowers are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade - Rudyard Kipling.

Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them - Chinese proverb.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya..

Asatoma Sadgamaya
Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya
Mruthyorma Amruthangamaya
Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi hi

Translated, it simply means "Lead us from ignorance to truth; From darkness to light; From Death to Eternity; Let peace prevail;".

Why the chant suddenly? The second line "Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya" (From darkness to light), I believe, is the essence of Deepawali. Yes, the festival of lights is back, though may not be with a bang :-p. Atleast not in US :-p.

Before I start off with my rants, first - Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Deepawali :).

This year there's still a tinge of pain that I'm not with my parents during the festival, but its not as much as it was last year. Two days ago I thought I was ok. But yesterday morning as soon as I got up, the first thought was "today is Naraka Chaturdashi and there is no sound of crackers anywhere :(". Later we did the enne shaasthra and again I was reminded of mom doing the shaasthra. Since Darsh wouldn't wake up early, she would wake me up so that I could sit with dad for the shaasthra. I miss it all :(. Shubha has written a post which is as if its coming from my heart as I can relate to it so much and absolutely suits my feelings right now..

Anyways, coming back to Deepawali (as if I was ever away :-p), it all started on Friday with the neerutumbso hubba :). One of the first things I did was to nenesu akki and uddinabele for the traditional Deepawali ereyappa sweet and khaara. Later I made both and they both came out very well (better than the last time and this time the mixer didn't break down ;-) :-D).

The dark brown ones are the sweet and the light ones are the khaara. Next I picked flowers (chrysanthemums of various colours) from our very own garden (a post on it is due next :-D) and made garlands :).

The flowers have been a delight as they have grown extensively and I have been able to use them for Vijayadashami, mainly for ayudha pooja. The car, cycle and even the lawnmower got decorated with flowers :-D. Anyways I'm digressing from the topic :-p.

Meanwhile Sri put oil into the hanathe (mud lamps) that we had got long time back, put baththis and lit them up. We lit lamps and performed pooja for the Gods in our devara mane first :).

The water heater was already full (neeru tumbso kelsa illa :-D), so I decorated it with arshina kumkuma (wanted to get chalks but I forgot :-p) and Sri did pooja to it.

We enjoyed the eateries and that was it for friday. Saturday morning, i.e yesterday, we got up, did enne shaasthra for both of us and had an enne snaana (oil bath) as per tradition. We did take some photos in the evening after the lamp and lights were lit.

If you squint, you'll be able to see the hanathe-s near my feet :-D. And the flowers you see in the garden is a preview of the post to come ;-) :-).

Atleast you can see the hanging lights in this snap :).

Later we went to Louisville temple and had a nice time there. There were hundreds of people there celebrating together and it was really nice :). There were some crackers being lit (both light and noisy ones), so it satisfied a bit of my craving for them, but not completely :(. I so so want to be in India during Deepawali time. Yeah there's lots and lots of noise as well as air pollution, and it might certainly be cruel of me to wish for things like that, but its the atmosphere I've grown up in. The festival air that lurks is so tangible there, the celebration so joyful. I can't help but miss it. Thats one of the reasons, we try to celebrate it as authentic as in India..

But Deepawali will be special to me no matter where I am, as it brought to me Sri. I met him on the third day of Deepawali (its tomorrow) and well, so its a festival close to my heart. So I better be cheerful atleast for that! Ok ok I'm ending my post now with a wish now in Kannada :).

ದೀಪಾವಳಿ ಹಬ್ಬದ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Of Flowers and Clovers :)

Blog-quiz mania time again. Here are a couple I took :).

You Are a White Flower

A white flower tends to represent purity, simple beauty, and modesty.
At times, you are dignified like a magnolia.
And at other times, you represent great ecstasy, like a white orchid.
And more than you wish, you're a little boastful, like a white hydrangea.

Your Luck Quotient: 72%

You have a high luck quotient.
More often than not, you've felt very lucky in your life.
You may be randomly lucky, but it's probably more than that.
Optimistic and open minded, you take advantage of all the luck that comes your way.

Well, beating my own drums, I am :).

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Seasonings Of Life :)

Seasonings Of Life

Its time for the most colourful season again
Autumn is here and lingering softly in the air.
Every sight seems like God's very own painting
Strikingly vivid, brilliant pictures everywhere...

Some leaves are flaming red as if with anger,
Others are a delightful setting sun orange hue..
Some leaves look like they have been tickled pink,
While others are still green and seem overdue..

But very soon the leaves will dry up and fall,
The now glorious panorama will sadly not last..
The shades, the strokes, the tinges and the tints,
Will subsequently be an account of the past..

Winter will arrive eventually, freeze and melt
Then spring will blossom, wither and be gone..
Later summer and then back to autumn again
And so the circle of life goes on, on and on..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moonbows!! What next?

We have all heard of a rainbow. But how many of us have heard of a moonbow? Well, I hadn't until this weekend when Sri told me about it. A moonbow or a lunar rainbow is a pretty rare phenomenon and how lucky for us that Cumberland falls where a moonbow naturally occurs, is only 1.5 hours drive away :-D. So that called for a quick trip to Corbin, KY.

The tript being pretty short, not much was planned and we left on Saturday 7th October 2006 afternoon. As the moonbow occurs only during full moons and you guessed it right, there was a full moon that particular day, we headed to Corbin. A moonbow obviously requires moonlight and night, so we had considerable time after we reached Corbin. So we made a quick visit to the place where the famous KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) began. The place is just another KFC restaurant but has all these memorablia of Colonel Harland Sanders who is credited for all the recipes of KFC. It also features the old kitchen of Colonel Sanders with all of the original equipment. So it was kind of nice.

Thats me with Uncle Sanders :).

Some memorablia scattered all over the place and this is the kitchen below:

Well, as we are pure vegetarians we couldn't really taste the so-called delicacies there. But we did have some potato wedges and a corn on the cob (thats plain boiled corn) :). We had to contribute somehow to the place as they didn't really charge us anything for the "museum" viewing :-p.

Then we headed to the Cumberland falls. By the time we reached there, though it was dark, it wasn't totally night yet. The moon was slowly coming up. We saw the falls and there was lots of mist being generated by the falls. That was good because it meant that there were more chances of the moonbow to appear. But it was really cold there brrrrrrr.

As we were watching, the moonlight covered the falls and the moonbow just formed. It was simply breath-taking! It formed surrounding the falls and it was like a pale white dome glowing around the falls. Its something I never expected to see in my life simply because I never knew something like this existed. It seems Cumberland falls is the only place in the western hemisphere where such a phenomenon takes place.

The only sad thing was that I just couldn't take any photos. At all!! Nothing was visible from the camera, though I did try taking several pictures, all came out toally blank. Here I had this absolutely beautiful sight in front of my eyes and I had no way of capturing it :(. The others were also clicking away, but I peeped into their digital camera screens (>:) :-D) and couldn't see anything there too :-p. I did find the following photo on the internet, but I am not sure whether its a natural one taken on some powerful lens camera or some photoshop manufactured one :(.

Seems rather artificial. But this is how the moonbow looks. Only in our case the moonbow was over the falls. Its kind of a grey version of the rainbow. Its extremely rare because of some main points. Firstly, as I mentioned before, it requires full moon and absolutely no other city light interferences. That explains why its not seen in Niagara falls :-p. Also, the moon has to be in some angle to the raindrops or in our case, the mist. In Cumberland falls, the criteria are all satisfied and the result is fabulous. We stayed there till about 11PM in the night and saw the moonbow from various places and angles. Then went back to the hotel toom to rest for the night :).

Sunday 8th October 2006 morning, we drove to a place called Stearns where there was a scenic railroad trip available. We thought it would last for an hour but turned out it went on for 3 hours. Well, 1.5 hours of the 3 hours was spent in a station which had an old, now unused coal mine :-p (as I've said 100s of times, the Americans are capable of making anything a tourism point :-p). The train was an old steam engine train. But it was fun basically because there were lots of toddlers in the train. The kids were so happy that it turned out to be fun for us too :).

This is the train and the here is the coal mine. It was not the complete mine, but only kind of a museum view :-\.

There is autumn slowly creeping in Kentucky. So the train ride also provided some colourful tree glimpses :).

Once we were done with the train ride, we went back to Cumberland falls to see the falls in daylight :). With the moonbow still fresh on our minds, the falls was a little bit less impressive than the night before, but beautiful nevertheless.

We even walked down a trail to see the falls a bit closer (we did this the previous night too).

That was it. We returned home after 1.5 hours drive back. The best part is that we can go anytime there is a full moon, as its really near to us. But again, whats the fun when I can't capture any photos!!

Then again maybe some things are not meant to be captured....

Friday, October 06, 2006

Beating the Beta :)

From the time I found out that I had the opportunity to shift to Blogger beta (not a great opportunity as such - if you have a gmail id you can shift :-p), I've been thinking about doing it. After all, I've wanted labels (or tags) for my posts for what seems forever. So much that I've thought about going for a third-party service for the same. I just never got around to doing it as it was a bit tedious. When I found out Blogger beta has them, I was really excited. But there were some problems and I had to fix them before I could "upgrade" :-D.

The first thing was the template of this blog. Nope, I was not going to change the template again. I am very happy with the current template and am going to stick to it for a long time (well, until I come up with a better one :-D). But I was worried that shifting might screw up something that was screwed up already. So I did change some of the template code, to fix the resolution issue. If you note the note in the right pane you can see "This blog is best viewed in IE 6.0, Netscape 7.2 or Mozilla with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher." Yeah I fixed the problems and certified it in latest versions of IE, Netscape and Mozilla :)). The template was adapting to any resolution equal to or greater than 1024 x 768 pixels (optimum is when equal to) :)).

The next thing was that the known issues of blogger beta said that "Users who have switched to Blogger in beta will not be able to login to comment on blogs that have not switched" and also that "Users are seeing errors when posting comments with current Blogger accounts to blogs on the new version of Blogger in beta". So the 1st meant that I wouldn't be able to comment on other blogs who have not yet shifted to beta. That is still ok as I would be able to comment as anonymous or other. But the 2nd was a bigger problem as I don't have anonymous comments enabled. So others who comment (hardly comment ;-) :-D), won't be able to comment at all. The updates tell me that both issues are fixed. Even if there are problems, there is a workaround. What needs to be done is after typing the comment, click Preview button. Then click the "Publish the comment" link on the preview box and not the button on the leave your comment window :).

The third thing was that the shifting couldn't be undone. That is, once I shifted to Blogger beta, if something went wrong with the template, there was no way I could get back to normal blogger and continue normally. Naturally, I was a bit apprehensive. But after shifting, I found that I could keep my old template, but couldn't really take advantage of the new features of the beta in that case. The changes I had done previously to my template (for fixing it for higher resolutions) felt like a total waste of time. God!! I had to upgrade to a new template and modify it again to suit my template. Needless to say, it was a really tedious job, it took more than 5 hours yesterday. I had to fix every bit of code to make it look and work like it was doing previously. I again had to check the browser compatibility and make modifications + the resolutions too. Phew, finally I've brought the whole thing to a stage where I can say I'm happy with it. It still needs some modifications, mainly I have too many labels and I need a different format for them, but those are all negligible :). And I'm gonna take my own sweet time with those :).

So that was it. As of yesterday I have been in Blogger beta. I have already started labelling the posts (I don't have many anyways ;-) :-D) and am done with most :).

Before I sign off, a couple of quick updates on some of my previous posts:

1) James Polehinke, the lone survivor and the co-pilot of the Comair flight crash I posted on, is alive. But the poor guy had to have his leg amputated and still has many fractures (update here). It seems he doesn't even remember the crash..

2) Well, Popeye, Sri and me can eat spinach again after the no-spinach-days which I posted on. The US-wide ban on spinach has been lifted (update here).

Monday, October 02, 2006

Unknown (h)eights!

Just when I thought I was running out of ideas for blogging, Thanu has tagged me to reveal 8 facts about myself that no one knows. This is gonna be difficult for me as I have continuously revealed things about myself in other tags (7s, Confessions, Myself) :(. But I'll try my best and so lets start off. Instead of unknown facts I'd like to call them my strange quirks :-D.

  • I eat very fast. This is a fact known to most of my close friends and they always complain about it. I am done eating while my companions are usually only halfway through their meals ;-). I think I hardly chew my food :-D. I have tried changing this habit, but it hasn't really worked so far :-p.

  • I hate wasting food. I can't take it if Sri doesn't clear all of the cooked rice grains in rice vessel (he's usually the one who ends up eating last because of the first point I mentioned ;-) :-D). I make sure I clear the vessel myself and put the last grain into his plate. I don't throw out any food thats not spoiled. I am not really kanjoos (miserly), but I think that every single morsel comes from hard-earned money and so I can't bear to waste any of it :-D. I think I got this habit from my parents and well, I don't plan to change any time soon :).

  • My eyes have this strange habit of picking shiny things on the ground when I'm walking. Its not like I go looking for shiny things. Its an automatic instinct. Its just that I notice any shiny thing on the ground. Well, if its a coin, I even pick it up :-D. Whatever it is, I examine it intently (I don't pick it up, but examine it by sight) before moving on :). Most of the times, I only "see" glass pieces, chocolate wrappers, iron nuts and bolts etc :-p. But I did find a dime once and have found about 5 cents till now. The value (or the fact that its money) doesn't really matter. I don't find any dollar notes anyways, as they do not shine in any way :-p.

  • Despite my previous post where it might seem like I can't live without exercizing, I don't really like exercising (I totally relate to the quotes at the end :-D). I am extremely jealous of people who don't exercize but still are slim (Sri is one of them :-p). Its more like I exercize because I have to :). I try to make it more enjoyable through the various distractions. Like previously when I used to go to gym, I would switch on the TV and watch a TV show or listen to some loud music. Now I distract myself by observing various trees, plants, people and animals. And of course by looking for shiny things :-D.

  • I am a kid at heart. I love watching cartoons of all kinds :-D, playing some computer games and as I mentioned in my post on Chicago, love toys like Legos :-D. I'm like a kid when it comes to nature too, I look at flowers, plants, etc with the wonder of a kid :). I also enjoy chocolates and icecreams (I know! I know! I've said it too many times!) like kids too :). I sometimes don't miss my childhood just because I feel I am playing house with Sri ;-) :-D.

  • I don't really believe in the Satyagraha policy of Mahatma Gandhi (Suddenly am not a kid anymore eh? ;-) :-p). Though I loved "Lage Raho Munnabhai", I don't relate to this particular principle in any way. In fact I'm sure that I would have been an extremist had I been in the pre-Independence era :-D. I believe more in "Tit for tat" than "Show another cheek if a person hits you on one cheek".

  • I've mentioned that I sing in a couple of tags. I not only sing, but I have most of the songs memorized in my head. I think of my head as a database consisting of lyrics of tens of thousands of songs - hindi, kannada, english of all types - filmi, light music, classical, pop, rock and metal :). And yup, the retrieval of a song lyrics is much faster in my head than any computer database. Performance testing hehehehe :).

  • Hmm what else? Did I mention I cook well? Yes I have :(. Did I mention I take pictures? Oh yeah, my blog is living proof of that. Did I mention I write poems? Oh they are all here in my blog :(. Oh wait, I know. I am a spelling-check freak :-D. I revise each of my posts minimum 5 times - 2 or 3 times as I am typing the post. Once in the preview. And maybe 2 to 3 times after I publish the post. Also, if I am reading any of my old posts (for the umpteenth time) and I see a spelling mistake or don't like the way I have formed a sentence, I change it immediately, no matter the post is not even visible as of today :-p :-D. And yup, I've already read this particular post 4 times before posting :-p.
Alright, I'm done, phew :). I have accomplished 2 tasks as per the rules of the tag - I have mentioned the person who tagged me and typed down 8 facts about myself. The 3rd is what I dislike the most, to tag 6 people. Sigh, sigh and more sigh!! I avoided tagging people in my 2nd and 3rd tags, but I think I'll go ahead and tag some people in this one. After all I have to do "tit for tat" for the people who tagged me. But to be honest, I'm already anticipating the brickbats :(.

  • Gayathri - Take that, you who made me write my first tag post :-p.

  • Shubha - You know why I'm tagging you, my 2nd tag post of course :).

  • Harish - You guessed it right, my 3rd tag post bearer ;-).

  • Soumya - wanted to tag a close friend to find what she'll write, 'cause I think I know many things about her :-D.

  • Vanditha - Another close friend, she's been missing from the blog world for sometime due to various reasons. Vandu, take your time :).

  • Aastha - she's been off blogging for sometime and is back with a bang. So more work for her ;-).
Oh well, more tags for me if the others in this tagged list believe in "tit for tat" business as well :((. On second thoughts, more people for me to tag, Muahahaha >:).