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Thursday, September 29, 2005

7 -> Satte pe Satta -> I've been tagged :)

Wise Donkey a.k.a Gayathri tagged me and I really can't refuse 'cause she's one blogger whose posts I really love. So here goes:

Seven Things you want to do before you die:

  • Skydiving :-D (If you had asked me an year ago, the first one would have been bungee-jumping ;-) But me and my hubby bungee jumped on our trip to South Africa, so the next stage should be sky-diving :-D).

  • Climbing Mt. Everest (someday).

  • Attend Tango classes with my hubby Sri (Poor guy, I get him in trouble all the time).

  • Own a really good telescope (I've been interested in astronomy since high school and can recognize most constellations, planets and have seen 3 comets :) ).

  • Learn professional photography (I love to photograph stuff, am planning to start a webshots section soon :) ).

  • Travel all around the world.

  • Own a dog/cat/both (Would love to own a golden retriever or a white/cream coloured labrador, but I am scared of the responsibility ;-) So am aiming it when Sri and me are really old and cannot travel anywhere ;-) ).

Seven Things you can do :

  • I can cook well (as I've discovered recently, its no big deal. But the credit for my cooking goes to my mom's recipes :). Will be coming up with a post on it soon :-D).

  • I can sing very well (Been singing from childhood, learnt classical for sometime before I got married. Will be resuming as soon as I'm back in India. I also know the lyrics of most songs - be it classical, kannada light music, hindi film songs or english pop/rock/metal songs).

  • I can bungee jump :-D (Jumped only once, but it still means I CAN :-D).

  • I can trek/hike/walk for hours without complaining :).

  • I can feel the wonder of little moments and enjoy them (This is when others are wondering what's the big deal about the same. See my last three posts, especially the last one).

  • I can be alone for a long time without feeling bored (Have come to know of it for sure after I came to U.S..).

  • I can drink more than 2 litres of water per day (Been doing water therapy since my adolescense. What started as a quest to glowing skin has become a habit now. I drink 1.5 litres of water right in the morning and later another 0.5 litres while working out. After that the whole day I keep sipping water at regular intervals :) )

Seven Things you say most:

  • God!! (At least, I think of Him many times a day because of this word ;-) )

  • What the heck??

  • Sheeeesh!!

  • Don't do this to me! (This to non-living things like a puri that doesn't puff, a curry that's trying to get burnt or the blogger which eats away my posts before I could save them ;-) :-D)

  • Hello??

  • "Love you" to Sri (Learning to say it many times a day ;-) ).

  • Ayyyyo :)

Seven Things you can't do:

There's very less I can't do, but I'll try to find seven somehow >:)

  • I can't still get over the fact that I'm so far away from my parents :( (Probably never will).

  • I can't think of a life without my loved ones (Sri, Mom, Dad, Darsh..).

  • I can't seem to stop biting my nails when I'm reading a book, watching a movie etc (will be soon coming up with a post on that :) ).

  • I can't pretend to like people whom I dislike thoroughly ;-) (There are very less no. of people whom I genuinely dislike, but I cannot pretend that I like them even in front of them ..).

  • I can't bear cigarette smoke. I get irritated almost instantly and make a scathing comment ;-)

  • I can't help but login to chat messengers every single day..

  • I can't eat meat - no matter even if I don't have anything else to eat (always brings a picture of the poor living thing being beheaden immediately to my mind..)

Seven Things that attract you to the opposite sex:

  • Dimples, Dimples, Dimples (do I really have to continue with the rest of the 6 things? :-D).

  • Sense of Humour.

  • Intelligence and the ability to talk about any topic (but not a Mr. Know it all).

  • Patience (and a lot of it!!).

  • Helpfulness.

  • Maturity (This I have found basically in men who are elder siblings. Younger siblings are usually childish and behave very immature though they are grown ups :) Just my POV ;-) ).

  • Just being himself :).

Seven Celebrity crushes:

  • Aamir Khan (The one and only hindi actor I considered an idol as soon as I saw his first movie. No others came close. But his "idol"ness has gone down a little after he left his wife :-p).

  • Harrison Ford (Saw him first in the Star Wars movie and loved him. Was very disappointed to know he was in the older generaton already :-p).

  • Pierce Brosnan (Can't believe the guy has a 30 year old daughter!!).

  • Michael Jordan (One of the first Afro-Americans I liked :) Me being tactical ;-) ).

  • Michael Schumacher (I know he's arrogant, but then he's generous too. He donated more than 10 million dollars for Tsunami..)

  • Sachin Tendulkar (Yeah I know, I know! He's short. But I had this hugggggge crush on him when I was in high school which lasted only for an year :-p)

  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Its not exactly a crush, but I'll be a fan of his for life :) )

Seven People you want to tag:

I really don't want to tag anyone, because they might just curse me ;-) But I'm putting a list here. Guys and gals, please post only if you want to and not because I tagged you :)

  • Amit (The first blog I ever commented on :) ).

  • Vids (I-care-a-hoot kind of woman which is why I like her).

  • Sachin (an old friend who I know will hate me for this :-D).

  • Neel (A blogger who makes very insignificant things extremely interesting).

  • On9thcloud (Her thoughts sort of reflect mine, I guess that's because we are both in very similar situations).

  • Anbu (You are caught because you commented twice on my blog. Hope you don't mind. Even if you do, I'll just have to bear your curses..).

  • Loonie (Comment once and you are caught 'cause I have nobody else to tag :) ).

Gaya, I'd have loved to tag you, but you have already suffered twice with the tagging business. Lekin mein is tagging ka badla zaroor loongi :-D Hehehehee :))


Neel Arurkar retorted...

Repeating the comment that I wrote on my post.
"Deeps : You have to believe this. I am at your blog right now :-) Just got an e-mail notification about the comment. "

And I was about to drop a comment on your blog. Just saw in news yesterday that Amir Khan is getting married again :-)

Deeps retorted...

Yeah Neel, I saw the Aamir Khan news too. Sri deliberately read it aloud to see what my reaction would be ;-) I just said "So what!" :-D Hehehehe.

on9thcloud retorted...

I can drink more than 2 litres of water per day (Been doing water therapy since my adolescense. What started as a quest to glowing skin has become a habit now.

wow on your water therapy!Amazing to know that you can drink so much.High time I start practicing..:)

Need some time to think and finish this tag:)

Deeps retorted...

Yeah Gaya had said in her post "I want to drink more than 8 glasses of water per day" and I said "hey I can do that", so she said "why don't you put that up in the can do list?". So there it is :)).

I really don't know whether water therapy solves all the diseases mentioned in the webpage I linked to, but I know it has reduced my sinus problems :).

Amit retorted...

This is going to be hard....And to mention those 7 names is going to be hardest.
I guess i may very well repeat the names like deepthi, gaya and sachin...I am so
sorry but i dont know ppl who blog.

Deeps retorted...

Hehehe :) No repeating people's names :-D

I know what you mean. I had to look in every corner of my blog to get the last 2 names :)

Sachin retorted...

Deeps, Cant we change the sections to -
1) 7 ways of convincing a LEO?
2) 7 ways of keeping a LEO silent?
3) 7 ways to divagate LEO's Thought?
4) 7 ways to confuse a LEO?
5) 7 ways to BS a LEO?
6) 7 ways to ignoring a LEO?

If nothing works
7) 7 ways of killing a LEO

1-7 levles being the statergies you adapt to deal with LEO's. with Fundamental rule being, If one level fails, try the next one below.

Curious to know, Which level sree is in right now?

Deeps retorted...

I think Sri's at level 2 ;-). I somehow make sure he never gets to level 7 :-D.

Amit, btw, previously when I couldn't find 7 people to tag, I thought I'll change that part to some other 7 stuff. For eg: 7 blogs I love to read, 0r 7 best friends, or 7 favourite things or so on and so forth. You can consider doing that :).

Amit retorted...

Ya I was thinking of doing something like that. :-) Thanks for the suggestion

wise donkey retorted...

:)) Deeps loved the post,
and my mind boggles when i think i have to drink that much :(

Its my new year resolution and i wrote a post on how to not break new year resolution, and i havent done it one single day. i thought i would get ashamed after writing about it in 7s and it still doesnt work. i love water, love pics of water and buy gadgets which make various sounds like water etc, but to drink :(((

wow cool to know about bungee jumping, hmmm did i miss a post on that:)

haaaaa another person interested in astronomy:) btw u can visit though he is not posting now since busy. i love astronomy and think its fascinating though i dont know technically much.:)

btw on leos, i wonder if for all leos, this could be a Cant - be modest about being a leo :D (but then why should leos be modest:D?)

and your best Can is defintely the feel wonders of little moments, hmmmm if everyone would be like that, God would have less probs :)

It was wonderful to read but badla from you aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooo no:)

Vaibhav retorted...

Pierce Brosnan has a 30 years old daughter..30 years 'old' daughter!!
......'30' years old daughter!!!!!

Deeps retorted...

>> Gaya >>

That was one biggggggggg comment :).

As for water, try drinking one glass first and each week add one extra. You should be able to make it, after all there's nothing Leos cannot do ;-) :-D. Yup, nobody can call me modest :)).

And there's definitely badla for you. I'm sure all the people I've tagged will want revenge and will come and tag me one day. And aha!! That's the day I'll have my sweet revenge. I'll tag and tag and more tag you {gnashes her teeth and laughs like a villain} hehehehee :)).

>> Vaibhav >>

I did some research on Pierce Brosnan's daughter and found that he adopted her (she was his first wife's daughter from her earlier marriage). But he does have a 22 year old real son :). So there!!

Sachin retorted...

Deeps, just an observation. Your blog looks broken on all wide screen monitors. On my laptop & all my friends. If I check it out on a normal aspect ratio (office monitor) it appears good. I dont know the cause of it, might be something to do with your header or problem with div & abs tags.

When broken I meant, the text is intact. but, all of your right pane is gone. no links, nothing there.

I am selfish here when asking you to fix it. because I keep forgetting Amit's URL. I have bookmarked him at office but not on my laptop. Before, I always used to come to your site to pick it up. and your broken site forces me to always check his site from office. :-(

wise donkey retorted...

deeps just now remembered i had not agreed with u on the elder sibling in my loooong comment :D

funny i thought i was the only one with that point of view

and no points for guessing i am the elder sibling :)

Soumya retorted...

hey deeps,

I'm commenting on ur blog at last...Will u ever forgive me for not commenting on ur b'day post...I promise u I'll comment on ur 50th b'day post...really, really, i promise..(pleading desperately!!!)

I thought I'll comment now atleast or I'll never get to do it...

Well, a BIG good luck for skydiving and climbing Mt.everest...Ure ever adventurous aren't u?? I'd also want to travel all around the world and learn to photograph like a professional...

Water therapy!!WOW!! I didn't know that something like this really exists...I knew all the points written in the link u gave but I thought they were all word of mouth advice from our elders...I should try it man...I do drink a lot of water during the day but never counted the no. of glasses or anything...Perhaps I should do it...And yeah, the little things in life are so important and enjoyable...If only everyone realized that!!!

Hmm...u still bite ur nails?? Some habits are hard to shed uh??

By the way, was the "elder sibling is mature" directed to only men or was it in general?? If it was a general comment, I say NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! younger siblings are mature too...u elder siblings are always bossing around and biased against us poor things....(ha!ha!) btw, was that a very mature thing to say???

I hope I didn't write too long a comment...Have fun reading my blade(he!he!)...Keep writing...


p.s: I loved ur car wash post...wonderfully written...I'm waiting to go get my car washed now...

Deeps retorted...

>> Sachin >>

Hey man, I researched it on my laptop (it supports higher resolutions) and discovered that my blog appears correctly at the resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. So if you set it to that, the blog should be fine. The problem is right now I've no idea how to fix it. So kindly adjust :). And you somberi, you can't remember a simple URL? A bigggggggg :-p to you!!

>> Gaya >>

Hehehee :)) Obviously I'm also the elder sibling ;-) and Sri is one too :-D.

>> Soum >>

Ammayya, finally a comment from you. Tere comments dekhne ko ye aankhen taras gaye the ;-) :-D.

And the comment on the 50th birthday post is a deal. If you don't then me tujhko dekhlungi!!

I had stopped biting my nails re, but have started again after marriage. Looks like Sri makes me nervous {grins} ;-).

The "Elder sibling is mature" was directed towards men in particular. The thing is younger boys as such are pampered more than younger girls. Younger girls are still taught to be responsible and made to do some work which is not the case with younger boys. So the maturity level of younger siblings who are men is much lower than those who are women. (BTW wrote this whole para just to please you :-D hehehehe) :)).

Yup do try the car wash and water therapy (though as I said before, I really don't know whether it has all the benefits mentioned in that link) :).

Good to have a "blade" from you once in a while. Keep them coming :).

Dewdrop retorted...

I enjoyed reading this post. Great tag idea.

Samba retorted...

Do you realize that it's not seven anymore. I'm afraid you might have crossed 7*7 also! But kudos on so many perspectives that are so alive. I wish I could do some 7*7*7 things even after death, but of my choosing. One lifetime is so short. And yes, life expectancy is biased against smokers.

Deeps retorted...

Hehehe Samba :). I did realize that it has crossed 7 many places :). I actually wanted to add skeeing, parasailing and skydiving into a single point in the "want to do" list, but knew that I was cheating. So didn't. But yet, it somehow has gone beyond seven :).

I so agree with one lifetime being short. There are so many things to do!! :)