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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have the cake and eat it too :)

Today on your birthday, I thought I'd get you cake, but..

Then I thought I'd atleast get some candles, but they all ran away!

Well, I'd have given you flowers, but I guessed you'd misunderstand..

I did think about a surprise gift, but I didn't know whether you'd like it..

So I got you this :-D.

Hehehee :)). Happy Birthday Sriram, my love :).

Friday, February 22, 2008

Random rants..


Yet another shooting. How many more until they finally decide to ban guns? Again, it was the same media rigmarole complete with psychologists and police superintendents. I mean, looks like there is simply no value for lives anymore. The worst thing is there were certain "experts" giving "brilliant" ideas like how everyone should carry a gun to protect themselves.

Yup. I feel perfectly safe now {rolls her eyes}..


I feel sick and tired of the ongoing US presidential campaign. It feels like its been on forever. What I am even more tired of is the media (surprise, surprise :-p). Initially they declared that Rudy Giuliani was the ultimate Republican nominee. The guy's vanished without a trace now. Looks like its Hillary Clinton's turn next. Gimme a break! The media come up with some silly poll daily one way or another. Next day its a total reversal of opinions! Its like watching the weather channel :-p. I can't believe there's still 10 more months of this to take..

Torture on..


Who is going to be president doesn't really matter. Nothing is going to change for a person like me who's on a H4 visa. I wonder how they came up with that one. Ok a person on H1 visa will work but his/her spouse will not have basic rights! Crazy! I feel worse when a person who's not even qualified gets a good job, where as the first question I get asked in an interview is "Do you have sponsorship?". Once I say that I'm on H4, thats the end of the interview. Atleast give me a chance, verify if I'm talented before you write me off! I have always wanted to take a sabbatical when I had a kid, but it still stings when somebody else gets a H1 sponsorship. It makes me think that maybe I am not as good as I think I am.

But hey thats life..


Lastly there's been this song in my head for the past 3 days. I don't mean it in a good way. I sort of liked it when I first listened to it. But it went into my head and has been playing in a repeat mode for 3 days now! I hate it, but I can't get it out of my head. My head aches :(. It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode called "The Jacket" in which George keeps singing this song -

Jerry - "What is that song?"

George - "Oh, it's from Les Miserables. I went to see it last week. I can't get it out of my head. I just keep singing it over and over. It just comes out. I have no control over it. I'm singing it on elevators, buses. I sing it infront of clients. It's taking over my life.

Jerry - You know, Schumann went mad from that. (Trying to scare George) He went crazy from one note. He couldn't get it out of his head. I think it was an A. He kept repeating it over and over again. He had to be institutionalized.

I am already going mad..


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Haage summane...

I am posting another kannada song today on account of Valentine's. Again no video :). The song is from the movie "Mungaru Male". I wasn't as impressed with the movie as I was with the song (I'm sure many kannada film fans will be after my life after that dialogue ;-) :-D).

The song is "Anisutide yaako indu", sung by Sonu Nigam. The lyrics are, in one word, beautiful. Sonu's voice + the lyrics are enough to reduce anyone to shivers :). I have been addicted to it for a few months now. Can you believe that I even listened to it in the hospital after delivering Snuggles? Sri had his laptop there and so I did :-D.

Mungaaru Male - An...

The lyrics go like this:

Anisutide Yaako Indu, Neene Ne Nannavalendu
Mayada Lokadinda, Nanagaage Bandavalendu
Aaha Yenta Madhura Yaatane
Kollu Hudugi Omme Nanna, Haage Summane

Anisutide Yaako Indu...

Suriyuva Soneyu Sooside Ninnade Parimala
Innyara Kanasalu Neenu Hodare TaLamala
Poorna Chandira Rajaa Haakida Ninnaya Mogavanu Kanda Kshana
Naa Khaidi Neene Seremane
Tappi Nanna Appiko Omme, Haage Summane

Anisutide Yaako Indu...

Tutigala Hoovali AaDada Matina Sihi Ide
Manasina Putadali Kevala Ninnade Sahi Ide
Haneyali Bareyada Ninna Hesara Hrudayadi Naane Korediruve
NinagunTe Idara Kalpane?
Nanna Hesara Kooge Omme, Haage Summane

Anisutide Yaako Indu...

I'm trying my hand at translation here, please forgive me if you spot too many mistakes. Poet's liberty, you see ;-).

I am feeling today somehow, that you are the one for me.
From a magical world, you have come here just for me.
Oh what a sweet torment!
Kill me once, girl, simply because..

Light sprinkling rain is emanating only your fragnance.
Your presence in others' dreams causes in me, a disturbance.
The full moon went on a holiday, the moment he saw your face.
I am a prisoner, you are the confinement!
Hug me by mistake once, simply because..

In the flowers of your lips, sweetness of unspoken words exists.
In the pages of my mind, only your signature subsists.
Your name that wasn't on my forehead, I myself have now etched it in my heart.
Do you even have an inkling of this, a hint?
Say my name just once, simply because..

What a girl wouldn't give to hear her guy say this to her? (Sri, did you get the hint? ;-) ;-) :-D). Happy Valentine's day everyone!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

She :)


She sings
Ambiguous words,
Yet sounds so sweet..
She dances,
Moves intricately,
To an inaudible beat..

She paints
Imaginary strokes
With vigourous hands..
She directs
And orchestrates
Invisible symphonic bands..

She dreams
Mysterious visions
Which make her smile..
She laughs
To voiceless jokes,
Without any guile..

She kicks
Whimsical goals,
As if to win a cup..
She cries
Cries! I have to go,
Hurry and pick her up!

Monday, February 04, 2008

And then there were three..

Today's post is special. Two reasons. One, this is the 200th post :). Two, today is our 3rd wedding anniversary :).

First the blog (not that its more important, just to get that out of the way ;-) :-D). 200 seems unbelievable. I know I don't write that frequently. I am certainly not one of those who update their blog daily. But I have made it a point to put up a post atleast once every 4-5 days. These days, even that is getting difficult. One reason is that the ideas all are scattered and I don't really get the time to group them together. And then even if I somehow manage that, I never have the time to type a big post. And to think, big posts used to be my specialities :-D. But nevertheless, I'm glad I have this space to vent out whatever I am feeling at that particular moment. I'm glad that my parents read it and I get ample (actually more than ample :-D) feedback. I'm glad that I have written for so long and hope to continue for as long as possible :).

Coming to the anniversary, I know I have always said that I didn't know how it'd be after I got married. But this time its different. Three years ago if you had asked me, what I expected after 3 years of marriage, this is exactly what I'd have predicted :). We wanted to have a baby after 2 years and at the third year be proud parents. And we have Snigdha :). She's simply a joy to be around. She is now about 1.5 months old and smiles/laughs unexpectedly now and then..

She gets startled at sounds and stares intently at faces..

She watches anything that moves (includes people moving from here to there) and its like Sri and I are reliving a part of our childhood that we ourselves don't remember ;-) :-D.

Many a time, I have wondered what goes on in that tiny head of hers. Is it just "wet" or "hungry" or is it a whole lot of things that she is not able to express? Its plain amazing to watch her grow. Whats more amazing is the fact that her stomach is only as big as my hand and still can cause so much havoc :-D. She has started to flail her arms and kick her legs vigorously. I'm sure in no time, she'll be turning over and then crawling all over the place! Sri and I are really happy to have her. Everything feels exactly right - right place and right time :).

And then there is Sri. The man never ceases to amaze me! In two years I have seen him grow as a husband. I have seen him adjust to my idiosyncrasies and learn to deal with my tantrums :-D. I have simply seen him being the gem he is all the time :). Now I'm seeing a whole new facet of the man - the father.

He's oh-so-patient with Snuggles (well, I can always argue that he's not the one feeding her :-D) and its indescribable to see him with her. I sometimes even get jealous of the attention he bestows upon her :-D :)). He holds her/rocks her cradle for hours and seemingly simply cannot get enough of her :). And it makes me all teary-eyed ;-). 3 years ago, I never imagined I'd still be feeling this way about him - all mushy and gooey inside whenever I see him :-D. I guess the love is still growing and going strong :).

As for me, you know me. I'm the same old me - mostly happy, getting frustrated now and then, but basically living in the moment, enjoying what life has given me so far and very very much in love with my family. Always and forever are big words, but I hope to be this way as long as I live..

To reduce some of the sappiness in the post and also to keep up with my trend of putting comics, here's a Calvin and Hobbes strip on marriage ;-) :-D (click for a larger version).

And here's another one, go Suzy!!