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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Haage summane...

I am posting another kannada song today on account of Valentine's. Again no video :). The song is from the movie "Mungaru Male". I wasn't as impressed with the movie as I was with the song (I'm sure many kannada film fans will be after my life after that dialogue ;-) :-D).

The song is "Anisutide yaako indu", sung by Sonu Nigam. The lyrics are, in one word, beautiful. Sonu's voice + the lyrics are enough to reduce anyone to shivers :). I have been addicted to it for a few months now. Can you believe that I even listened to it in the hospital after delivering Snuggles? Sri had his laptop there and so I did :-D.

Mungaaru Male - An...

The lyrics go like this:

Anisutide Yaako Indu, Neene Ne Nannavalendu
Mayada Lokadinda, Nanagaage Bandavalendu
Aaha Yenta Madhura Yaatane
Kollu Hudugi Omme Nanna, Haage Summane

Anisutide Yaako Indu...

Suriyuva Soneyu Sooside Ninnade Parimala
Innyara Kanasalu Neenu Hodare TaLamala
Poorna Chandira Rajaa Haakida Ninnaya Mogavanu Kanda Kshana
Naa Khaidi Neene Seremane
Tappi Nanna Appiko Omme, Haage Summane

Anisutide Yaako Indu...

Tutigala Hoovali AaDada Matina Sihi Ide
Manasina Putadali Kevala Ninnade Sahi Ide
Haneyali Bareyada Ninna Hesara Hrudayadi Naane Korediruve
NinagunTe Idara Kalpane?
Nanna Hesara Kooge Omme, Haage Summane

Anisutide Yaako Indu...

I'm trying my hand at translation here, please forgive me if you spot too many mistakes. Poet's liberty, you see ;-).

I am feeling today somehow, that you are the one for me.
From a magical world, you have come here just for me.
Oh what a sweet torment!
Kill me once, girl, simply because..

Light sprinkling rain is emanating only your fragnance.
Your presence in others' dreams causes in me, a disturbance.
The full moon went on a holiday, the moment he saw your face.
I am a prisoner, you are the confinement!
Hug me by mistake once, simply because..

In the flowers of your lips, sweetness of unspoken words exists.
In the pages of my mind, only your signature subsists.
Your name that wasn't on my forehead, I myself have now etched it in my heart.
Do you even have an inkling of this, a hint?
Say my name just once, simply because..

What a girl wouldn't give to hear her guy say this to her? (Sri, did you get the hint? ;-) ;-) :-D). Happy Valentine's day everyone!


Altoid retorted...

Have you listened to Sonu's latest in Gaalipata? Thats my next favorite, been on repeat for a few weeks now.

kavitha retorted...

same movie remade in telugu as vaana(rain)but bombed at thae box offfice even the song was copied in telugu it was song by kharthik

accidental diva retorted...

I love this song too...n to write the english translation..where did you find the time gal??:):)

Margie retorted...

Thanks for the translation!
Such a beautiful song!
Loved it!

Belated Valentine's Day greetings to you!


thinkcenter retorted...

Heah good that you wrote the lyrics.. Thanks a lot.. I even copied them onto my blog.. And I just love the song.. and the ones from Galipata also... especially "Minchagi Neenu baralu".. do listen to it..

sasmita retorted...

Although I am anon kannadiga but I like this song a lot. It's really nice to know the lyrics. Can u plz post the lyrics of ONDU INDU SARI. I am die hard fan of that song and except the first word don't understand asingle word forom that