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Saturday, February 09, 2008

She :)


She sings
Ambiguous words,
Yet sounds so sweet..
She dances,
Moves intricately,
To an inaudible beat..

She paints
Imaginary strokes
With vigourous hands..
She directs
And orchestrates
Invisible symphonic bands..

She dreams
Mysterious visions
Which make her smile..
She laughs
To voiceless jokes,
Without any guile..

She kicks
Whimsical goals,
As if to win a cup..
She cries
Cries! I have to go,
Hurry and pick her up!


The_Girl_From_Ipanema retorted...

awww! i want a baby girl! :)

hugs to snigdha. :)

vijaya retorted...

loved the poem.
I can relate to every word :-)

Geetha retorted...

sweet poem!

Margie retorted...

Beautiful poem!
Beautiful baby girl you have!
Makes me miss mine.
She is all grown up!