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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have the cake and eat it too :)

Today on your birthday, I thought I'd get you cake, but..

Then I thought I'd atleast get some candles, but they all ran away!

Well, I'd have given you flowers, but I guessed you'd misunderstand..

I did think about a surprise gift, but I didn't know whether you'd like it..

So I got you this :-D.

Hehehee :)). Happy Birthday Sriram, my love :).


Sriram retorted...

Thanks a million-billion-trillion-gazillion for the wishes...

That was a nice post there..

~nm retorted...

What a wonderful way to greet!!! Too good!

Kiran retorted...

hilarious! can't get any better..

a gr8 way to wish someone u care! :)