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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Crossing milestones err.. time zones :-D

Another experience I just had to blog about :) You may think, this girl has run out of topics and is talking about crossing time zones? If you are a person living in U.S, you'd have already crossed many time zones while flying to U.S from India. So you'll be definitely thinking 'What's the big deal? :-p" :). The fun I'm talking about is not crossing time zones on a plane, but by land :-D

I never knew until last Friday that Kentucky state itself has 2 timezones. Most of Eastern KY comes under Eastern Time zone (indicated by blue colour in the picture below), but there are some parts of western KY that fall under the Central Time zone (indicated by green colour).

We drove to one place called Rough river in Western KY which falls into the central time zone last saturday. There is no border/toll post or anything as such to indicate the timezone change.Its simply a board stating the place and the time zone below it (I'm getting tired of repeating time zone again and again, so short form -> TZ). As soon as you cross the TZ from east to west, VOILA!! You have gained one hour!! :-D Reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin's dad explains the theory of relativity to Calvin. Click on the pic to see the big pic :)

Sri told me that the TZ are not exactly according to longitudes. Yeah if they made it that way, probably cities would have had different TZ, or maybe colonies and even houses!! Imagine one part of your house is one hour ahead of the other part :)) Hehehehee :-D. Even now some people maybe facing problems due to this. After all, people do stay in one town and sometimes work in another. Imagine if the 2 towns are in different TZ :-D Say the office is west and house is in the east. A person going to work at 9:30 will actually be leaving his home at 10 or so. And when coming back say he leaves his office at 5:30 in the evening, he'll probably reach his house only at 7!! Would be maddening, would it not? :-D

That maybe the reason why the TZ lines are curved. Each city has probably chosen which TZ it'll adopt and has stuck to it! Hmmm the things I get to think and blog about. Well, I'll leave you to contemplate about this one. Will be back next time with another weirdo topic :))


Sachin retorted...

Imagine, If you have TZ (courtesy you) difference b/w various rooms of your house.... :D :D :D

wise donkey retorted...

:)) interesting

i remember a joke in "Fiddlers three"
a guy says staying near the office means u cant hurry fast enough to work but if u r staying away if u choose to come faster, u will gain more time.. go figure it out :D

Deeps retorted...

>> Sachin >>

Hehehe :)) Thats precisely what I was hinting at, had the TZ been dependent on longitude :-D You'd be in the hall and its only 8:30 AM and you go to your kitchen it'll be 9:30!! Or the divide may even be such that your hall itself has 2 TZ ;-). You'd probably go mad!! :-D

>> Gaya >>

The guy in Fiddlers Three must be sent to a place where 2 TZ meet. If without TZ he has figured out a way to gain time, imagine with TZ what he can do!! :)

Amit retorted...

Time Zones, pretty fascinating. I have always thought about the chaos it
will create in India if implemented... :-)

Deeps retorted...

>> Amit >>

Yeah, it seems TZ can be implemented in India as 3 posible TZ pass through there. But I am glad that it is the way it is, no confusions from city to city :)

Neel Arurkar retorted...

Ah! In Bangalore it is dawn so much sooner than in Bombay. And my bedroom has no curtains :-( But thanks to the cloth goggles donated to me by a friend, I can sleep in peace.

Deeps retorted...

>> Neel >>

Don't remind me of Bangalore. I miss it so much. Here in U.S not only is the dawn early at 6 AM, the sun doesn't set till 8:30 PM in the night!! Seems like the day goes on and on!! :(