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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Seasonings Of Life :)

Seasonings Of Life

Its time for the most colourful season again
Autumn is here and lingering softly in the air.
Every sight seems like God's very own painting
Strikingly vivid, brilliant pictures everywhere...

Some leaves are flaming red as if with anger,
Others are a delightful setting sun orange hue..
Some leaves look like they have been tickled pink,
While others are still green and seem overdue..

But very soon the leaves will dry up and fall,
The now glorious panorama will sadly not last..
The shades, the strokes, the tinges and the tints,
Will subsequently be an account of the past..

Winter will arrive eventually, freeze and melt
Then spring will blossom, wither and be gone..
Later summer and then back to autumn again
And so the circle of life goes on, on and on..


samuru999 retorted...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I like this poem very much!
In the previous post...
I enjoyed all your pics.
You and your hubby are such a
cute couple...
I love the pic.of the two of you
Take care!


Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Clap Clap ! Nice !

Deeps retorted...

Margie, thanks a lot :)).

Harish, thanks :).

Sreejith Kumar retorted...

Vety nice. A meaningful picture to assist the verses... seems very refreshing....

Deeps retorted...

Sreejith, actually the sight in the picture is one of the inspirations for this poem :). Thanks :).