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Monday, October 02, 2006

Unknown (h)eights!

Just when I thought I was running out of ideas for blogging, Thanu has tagged me to reveal 8 facts about myself that no one knows. This is gonna be difficult for me as I have continuously revealed things about myself in other tags (7s, Confessions, Myself) :(. But I'll try my best and so lets start off. Instead of unknown facts I'd like to call them my strange quirks :-D.

  • I eat very fast. This is a fact known to most of my close friends and they always complain about it. I am done eating while my companions are usually only halfway through their meals ;-). I think I hardly chew my food :-D. I have tried changing this habit, but it hasn't really worked so far :-p.

  • I hate wasting food. I can't take it if Sri doesn't clear all of the cooked rice grains in rice vessel (he's usually the one who ends up eating last because of the first point I mentioned ;-) :-D). I make sure I clear the vessel myself and put the last grain into his plate. I don't throw out any food thats not spoiled. I am not really kanjoos (miserly), but I think that every single morsel comes from hard-earned money and so I can't bear to waste any of it :-D. I think I got this habit from my parents and well, I don't plan to change any time soon :).

  • My eyes have this strange habit of picking shiny things on the ground when I'm walking. Its not like I go looking for shiny things. Its an automatic instinct. Its just that I notice any shiny thing on the ground. Well, if its a coin, I even pick it up :-D. Whatever it is, I examine it intently (I don't pick it up, but examine it by sight) before moving on :). Most of the times, I only "see" glass pieces, chocolate wrappers, iron nuts and bolts etc :-p. But I did find a dime once and have found about 5 cents till now. The value (or the fact that its money) doesn't really matter. I don't find any dollar notes anyways, as they do not shine in any way :-p.

  • Despite my previous post where it might seem like I can't live without exercizing, I don't really like exercising (I totally relate to the quotes at the end :-D). I am extremely jealous of people who don't exercize but still are slim (Sri is one of them :-p). Its more like I exercize because I have to :). I try to make it more enjoyable through the various distractions. Like previously when I used to go to gym, I would switch on the TV and watch a TV show or listen to some loud music. Now I distract myself by observing various trees, plants, people and animals. And of course by looking for shiny things :-D.

  • I am a kid at heart. I love watching cartoons of all kinds :-D, playing some computer games and as I mentioned in my post on Chicago, love toys like Legos :-D. I'm like a kid when it comes to nature too, I look at flowers, plants, etc with the wonder of a kid :). I also enjoy chocolates and icecreams (I know! I know! I've said it too many times!) like kids too :). I sometimes don't miss my childhood just because I feel I am playing house with Sri ;-) :-D.

  • I don't really believe in the Satyagraha policy of Mahatma Gandhi (Suddenly am not a kid anymore eh? ;-) :-p). Though I loved "Lage Raho Munnabhai", I don't relate to this particular principle in any way. In fact I'm sure that I would have been an extremist had I been in the pre-Independence era :-D. I believe more in "Tit for tat" than "Show another cheek if a person hits you on one cheek".

  • I've mentioned that I sing in a couple of tags. I not only sing, but I have most of the songs memorized in my head. I think of my head as a database consisting of lyrics of tens of thousands of songs - hindi, kannada, english of all types - filmi, light music, classical, pop, rock and metal :). And yup, the retrieval of a song lyrics is much faster in my head than any computer database. Performance testing hehehehe :).

  • Hmm what else? Did I mention I cook well? Yes I have :(. Did I mention I take pictures? Oh yeah, my blog is living proof of that. Did I mention I write poems? Oh they are all here in my blog :(. Oh wait, I know. I am a spelling-check freak :-D. I revise each of my posts minimum 5 times - 2 or 3 times as I am typing the post. Once in the preview. And maybe 2 to 3 times after I publish the post. Also, if I am reading any of my old posts (for the umpteenth time) and I see a spelling mistake or don't like the way I have formed a sentence, I change it immediately, no matter the post is not even visible as of today :-p :-D. And yup, I've already read this particular post 4 times before posting :-p.
Alright, I'm done, phew :). I have accomplished 2 tasks as per the rules of the tag - I have mentioned the person who tagged me and typed down 8 facts about myself. The 3rd is what I dislike the most, to tag 6 people. Sigh, sigh and more sigh!! I avoided tagging people in my 2nd and 3rd tags, but I think I'll go ahead and tag some people in this one. After all I have to do "tit for tat" for the people who tagged me. But to be honest, I'm already anticipating the brickbats :(.

  • Gayathri - Take that, you who made me write my first tag post :-p.

  • Shubha - You know why I'm tagging you, my 2nd tag post of course :).

  • Harish - You guessed it right, my 3rd tag post bearer ;-).

  • Soumya - wanted to tag a close friend to find what she'll write, 'cause I think I know many things about her :-D.

  • Vanditha - Another close friend, she's been missing from the blog world for sometime due to various reasons. Vandu, take your time :).

  • Aastha - she's been off blogging for sometime and is back with a bang. So more work for her ;-).
Oh well, more tags for me if the others in this tagged list believe in "tit for tat" business as well :((. On second thoughts, more people for me to tag, Muahahaha >:).


Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Spell check huh :) You should use me .
My blog was becoming rather stagnant .
Will oblige soon :)

Usha retorted...

Very interesting one - especially about the shiny things and spell check freak. Does it also bother you when you read posts like mine so full of spelling mistakes - I must start spell checking too.

Deeps retorted...

Harish, Good :).

Usha, I don't think your posts have that many spelling mistakes, otherwise I'd definitely have noticed it. And 1 or 2 mistakes in others' posts don't matter, but if somebody else's blogs have many spelling mistakes (or short forms as it is called today), I might stop reading that blog altogether :-p. Yup, I'm very strange that way :-D.

Thanu retorted...

Me too spell check freak for everything other than emails to loved ones ;)

Canary retorted...

:) :)
one of the cutest post in ages.. another fren of mine eats fast.. but she does it only with some rice dishes.. coz she says she likes them so much.. :p
and about picking shiny objects on the ground, i form patterns instead.. thats strange, no ? :)

Deeps retorted...

Thanu, I scan emails, posts, everything I write. Only when I write kannada in English, thats the only time I don't spell check :).

Aastha, :)). Patterns oh! That sounds interesting, maybe you can put it as your unknown fact :).

S retorted...


Soumya retorted...

Hmm...Shiny things uh! That was something I didn't know...Nice read yaar...Some known, some unknown strange quirks of urs...I'm afraid ur second and last point are true with me too...Is it an offence if I wrote the same points in my tag??

As u rightly said, I don't think I can come up with things totally unknown...Even though I haven't done any tags, my friends know most of the things about me...

By the way, I may take a while to do this...I have still not completed Shubha's tag...

Deeps retorted...

S, yup exercize :(.

Soum, hmmm my facts aren't copy-righted, so you can use them anytime ;-). Also take your time. No hurry at all :).

Vidhya Rajesh retorted...

WOW! you are a master of all trades huh ?? I liked point#3 - reminded me of a recent Uncle scrooge tale i read about searching for diamonds in snow ... maybe one day you will find precious gems :) ... Also remind me of magpies :)
And atta girl for "tit for tat" - that i believe in too ... You should post some of your songs on your blog too ...nice music to accompany nice reading.
Thanks for responding to my tag comment :)

Timepass retorted...

Eating fast?? Not me
Lazy to Exercise but dream of a slim figure.. Thats VERY ME