Like Duck to Water, thats how I have taken to life :). This blog is the saga of love and adventures of a small duck in a large water body called LIFE....

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Me, Myself and Deepthi :)

Another tag. This time I have been tagged by Harish. Well, here we go :).

I am thinking about:

The tag I am trying to fill up :-p.

I said:

"The Brave may not live forever. But the Cautious do not live at all". Ok I may not have said it on my own, but I love repeating it now and then (especially when I'm in an adventure mood ;-) :-D).

I want to:

Live a life where I have no regrets whatsoever :).

I wish:

I could see my parents every day and be near them. I can see them on webcams but its just not the same :(.

I hear:

Weird voices in my head. And I see dead people :-D. Just kidding!! I hear music all the time in my head. Which is why you'll find me humming to myself most of the time :).

I wonder:

What happens to people after death. What is dying?? I even wrote a poem on it here :-D.

I regret:

Nothing in my life except a few broken friendships and the fact that I am responsible for those :(.

I am:

What I am :). A Bundle of Contradictions :).

I dance:

Not so good. But I do dance when I hear real dance-able music. The definition of dance-able depends on my whims and fancies ;-). Oops, never in public :-p.

I sing:

Yup I sing :). Classical, Light, film, western pop, rock and metal. I am a good sing-it-all :-D.

I cry:

When my emotions get the better of me (how come this coincides most of the times with PMS, I wonder!!) :-D.

I am not always:

The nice person I am. Sometimes I am downright wicked and bitchy :-D. If I can't stand a person I believe it shows in my face and attitude :(. I should learn to be more pretentious I guess :-p :-D.

I make with my hands:

Good food :). For a person who didn't know what cooking was before marriage, I'm very good :). I also love planting flower bushes :).

I write:

All the things that happened/are happening to me. Kind of a reminder to myself that I'm doing so many things/have done so many things in my life :). I don't actually write, I TYPE :-D.

I confuse:

Supermarts and the roads they are on. But I'm improving slowly, step by step ;-).

I need:

My loved ones. I only care about them and their well-being.

I tag :

None. Its "Once bitten twice shy" after my 7s tag :-p. Requests will be entertained :-D.


Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

You cook well too ! Lucky Sri :) .

Deeps retorted...

>> Harish >>

Thanks :).