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Monday, August 14, 2006

Its a bird, Its a plane...

Its not superman either. And I haven't seen the new Superman movie, so this is not a review either :-p.

Nope, its not a comet :-p :-D. And I'm talking about the line in the middle. The blur on the right side of the photo is that of my camera on the window of the car as I took this photo when we were driving.

Ok ok I'll not keep you in suspense any longer (if you ever were :-p), its actually an American military jet. This is one of my favourite sights here in US, on a clear sunny day. In the mornings/evenings sometimes, I've seen as many as 5 jets (simultaneously!!) in the sky! And the trail they leave is beautiful :).

And I'm talking about only that small town we are in, i.e Lexington. Imagine how many jets must fly all over US every hour, every day!! So what are so many jets doing in the sky? Practice run ofcourse ;-). Every day every hour they practice. No matter whether the sky is sunny or cloudy, though you can't really see them when its cloudy..

So you want to know why they are using up so much fuel daily? Don't you get it? Its a kind of investment. They get all the fuel back and more, when they bomb a middle-east country and occupy the fuel resources anyways :-p. Seriously speaking, I know the fuel variant for jets is different, but more purification of the same results in the fuel used by vehicles. So imagine, when other Americans (and Indians who live in America and have cars) are paying more and more towards fuel (the excuse being that there is a middle-east crisis :-p), there are jets flying all over the place for practice!!! Can you believe that? Better believe it!!

A country has to spend some amount on its security, I agree. God knows, the situation is like that these days. There's trouble in the air and I can smell it hehehehe ;-) :-D. But what about the people of the country? Or what about the people of some other oil country who are bombed given the weapons-of-mass-destruction excuse? Nobody cares.

Anyways the Americans are fuel junkies. Every house has as many cars as the number of members in the household. Fuel prices don't seem to matter to most people. "So what if there's a fuel price rise?" seems to be the general attitude. People crib about it but they don't stop taking their cars out. A very few travel by buses. Hence there are not many buses provided from point-to-point. Even in New York, though it is a traffic hell, people prefer to travel by their own cars. People seldom take the connecting trains. Though in the city, people do use the subway.

So the only people affected are the ones who are being bombed. No wonder they form their own groups and scheme ways of terrorizing America. As it been said many times by many others before "If Americans bomb other countries, its termed as looking for weapons of mass destruction (or some other equivalent term) and if others try to return the favour, then its termed Terrorism". Weird :-p.

Anyways I don't even know why the topic of fuel/terrorism came up. I wanted to write a post about the patterns and thats it. Looks like I got carried away with so many other things. The situation is sad. Until the people themselves realize the value of the fuel (The BP CEO argues that there's no shortage and its all rumours circulated by the government!!), cars and jets will keep moving on roads and skies, err, respectively :). And Americans will go on bombing the oil countries using other sweet terms. And yup, there will be so called "terrorism".

But you know what? I still like the patterns the jets make ;-). I guess thats the true meaning of complacence...


Sriram retorted...

Good to see a post touching on socio-econo-political issue - Perhaps the first in this genre ??

the whole 'black gold impacts economy' thing is a spherical-vicious-circle, i feel..(on of those paths take us back to the mesolithic era when fossilable life existed only in certain parts of earth - how weird!!)

Long story short - Its nice to see a country like Brazil announcing that its 'dependence' on fossil fuels has nearly ended (What??) - They say they are using the bio-fuel (or something like that)... Interesting ...

Not long ago, Mr.Pillai from TN in India claimed that he can convert water(or something like that) to fuel(petrol??), only to turn out to be a hoax..

On a not-so-serious note, there was a non-fossil,renewable,environ-friendly fuel that folks in 'Atlantis' era used and its just a solution that is waiting to be discovered by todays generation, perhaps? :) :).

(Well, have been following a lot of this 'Atlantis' related crap lately..)

Deeps retorted...

>> Sri >>

Didn't really want to write a socio-econo-political post. It just came out that way :-D. Some good points of knowledge that I hadn't known before, so thanks for that.

And man, you are obsessed with Atlantis and I guess with all the TV shows you are watching on that, maybe I'll get obsessed very soon {sigh}...

direkishore retorted...

Do watch "The inconvenient truth" when you get a chance, its a movie/documentary by Al-Gore and its still running in the theatres here.

Deeps retorted...

>> Shiv >>

Yeah want to watch that one. Heard so much about it..