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Saturday, August 19, 2006

And she scored a century!!

I thought I would:

  • Write 100 lines of poetry :).

  • Upload 100 photos for a single post :).

  • Write exactly 100 words in a post ;-).

  • Think of 100 excuses why not to write a post and list them all in a post :-D.

  • Write "100" 100 times in a post ;-).

  • Search for 100 synonyms for 100 and list them all :).

  • List 100 favourite somethings in a post :).

  • Made 100 sincere dedications :)

  • Say 100 heart-felt thankyou-s :).

  • Rename my blog as "100" and change the outlook ;-).

  • Jump 100 times in the air and describe the experience in my blog :-D.

  • Eat 100 chocolates in celebration (certainly not a good idea :-p).

  • Light 100 candles in rememberence :).

  • Play and listen to 100 songs :).

  • Yell 100 Hurrays :-D.

  • Not write a post for 100 days :-o.

  • Make 100 faces at my computer :-D.

  • Mail 100 friends/relatives ;-).

  • Make 100 phone calls :).

  • List 100 of my favourite posts ;-).
Uhh, wait, I only have 100 posts total in my blog :-D. Hehehehe :).

A toast to 100 posts completed and 100s of more posts to come :). Cheers!!


Sau posts pehle mujhe tumse pyaar tha
mujhe tumse pyar tha
Aaj bhi hein aur kal bhi rahega :)


Sayesha retorted...

And GOLD!! :D

Soumya retorted...

Congratulations yaar!! Great job...Keep them coming...

Deeps retorted...

>> Sayesha >>

Thanks :). But its no big deal getting gold on my blog, when there are hardly any comments :-p.

>> Soum >>

Thanks, thanks :).

Thanu retorted...

congrats on this century and keep them coming.

Deeps retorted...

>> Thanu >>

Thanks a lot :).

SID retorted...

Congrats on the Century!
Keenly awaiting the double hundred now.

Deeps retorted...

>> Sid >>

Thanks, hopefully it won't take 1.5 years like the first 100 did :-D.

Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Super Achievement ! Keep the numbers ticking !! Congratulations !

The Smiling Girl retorted...

Hehe... :)
Good one!!

Btw, how does Sash manage to get GOLD for everyone's 100th post??? Sochne wali baat hain!

Twisted DNA retorted...

"Sau posts pehle mujhe tumse pyaar tha"
ROFL. YOu are one witty girl