Like Duck to Water, thats how I have taken to life :). This blog is the saga of love and adventures of a small duck in a large water body called LIFE....

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Confessions of a dangerous mind >:)

Well, not that dangerous. Have been tagged by Shubha to confess big time, so here goes :-D. Since I have a tendency to write too much if I am asked to write about myself, I'm gonna try and restrict myself to a maximum of 5 points each :).

Guilty Pleasures:

There is no guilt associated, believe me :-D. These are more like indulgences ;-).

  • Chocolates and Icecreams :-D.

  • Long head baths (Love that feeling of hot water on my hair :-D).

  • Listening to Music most of the time (even while working).

  • Fragrant candles (my latest fascination ;-) :-D).

Things I can't forget:

  • My parents and the way they have brought me up. They have done so much for me. I only wish I could be near them :(.

  • My friends'/relatives' birthdays and anniversaries. Not that I actually remember each and every date. I have reminders setup and I never forget to setup one whenever I get a new date ;-). I take immense pleasure in wishing people :).

  • The reassuring look Sri gave me, when I cried during the dhaare in my wedding :).

  • Some close friends that I have made so far in various phases of my life and the wonderful moments I have shared with them :).

Things I wish to forget:

  • Some broken friendships which probably will not get mended for life :(.

  • That I actually cried when I was not selected to Infosys in campus interviews. its was only later I realized that things worked out way better for me because of that ;-).

  • My grandfather's death :(.

Unforgettable dishes:

  • The goodies that my mom makes. Whatever she cooks are goodies to me. But I especially love her pathrode, semige (a type of vermicelli made from scratch), the varieties of bajjis and bondas she makes, the side-dishes she makes for puris and chapathis, oh this is impossible!! I'll have to list all the dishes she has ever made!! Hehehe :-D. I hope I am half as good as her :).

  • Hot Chips' spring rolls, burgers and chocolate-dip softy (Yum, brings back lots and lots of memories).

  • The bhel puri, masala puri, pani puri of this one paanipuriwaala in Jayanagar 4th block. Dad used to take me and Darsh there when we were very young (he used to tell mom "Makkalna meisikondu barthini" :-D, hehehe, can't really translate it without spoiling the meaning) and the taste stuck. I even went there this India trip ;-).

  • The samosas and the naans that my Puttanna chikkappa makes :).

  • Tirupathi Laadu and Nippattu :). In fact, most of the temples have really tasty prasadas, including Raagi gudda temple's boondi laadu and Udupi Krishna temple's delicious lunch :).


Where to start? I don't want to list each and every one, but will list a few important ones ;-).
  • When I was in high school, was crazy about Sachin Tendulkar :-p. Don't frown at me, call it a kind of insanity and forget it :-p.

  • As soon as I got over Sachin, was head over heels in love with a senior who was a basket ball player (this was in high school again). Man, that guy had killer dimples ;-).

  • A senior in NCJ. Sadly the crush lasted only for 3 months as he was in final year. Out of sight, out of mind, you see :-D.

  • A senior in PESIT who used to sing real good. Man, he had a lovely voice. I even wrote a poem on his voice ;-). "But your voice is not my home..", pathetic, amn't I? :-D.

Close brushes with death or danger:

  • Bungee-jumping :).

  • White Water rafting (fell into the water in the first rapid. But it wasn't really that scary, since I had a life-jacket on :).

  • Ski-ing. Was really scary the first few times, since I was totally out of control. But after that it was child's play :-D.

  • Rappling. The first time when you leave your weight on the rope is scary. After that, loads of fun :).

Strangest dream:

Too many to list. But I did write a post on it some time back and it does have some really weird ones :-D.

Preferrable modes of suicide:

Hmmm I don't prefer suicide period. But unlike some people who say that those who commit suicide are cowards, I beg to differ. I think it takes some amount of courage to end it all, so to say. I believe in "Known devil is better than an unknown angel", so I'd rather stick to troubles than think of suicide.

Favourite characters:

  • All characters in "Calvin & Hobbes". Especially Calvin's mom. "I wanted a sweet little girl, it was your stupid chromosome that did it" (she says this to Calvin's dad) :))).

  • Michael Scofield in "Prison Break", a serial on Fox. He's smart, he's sensitive, he's oh-so-cute :)). Its coming back!! Its coming back!! Season 2 is starting this month!!

  • Most of the characters that Aamir Khan has played except the stupid Mangal Pandey :-p.

  • Jerry in Tom & Jerry. My mom actually roots for Tom :-D. She says the poor cat never gets a rat to eat :-p.

  • Fatty in Five find-outers. I love his intelligence and I love the way he boasts about the colours of his bruises. In fact whenever I get bruises, they turn into wierd colours too. And I'm actually proud that I'm like Fatty atleast in one way :-D. Not that I'm not intelligent :-p.

I tag:

None. I tagged people in the 7s and got scolded royally. So if you want to get tagged, send me your request in the comments and I will seriously consider adding your name here :-p :-D.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed knowing about my quirks :).


Soumya retorted...

Why??Why only five points?? It's like reading only the headlines...
Nice to read though yaar...
Senior in NCJ???? Yaare adu...I can't believe my memory has gone this bad...
Know what, ur mom's pathrode is on my list also(he!he!)

I need to complete the tag too...Been too long now...

Deeps retorted...

>> Soum >>

Arey yaar, was really tired from writing the huuuuuuuuuugggggge Niagara post. Thats why I thought I'll put rules ;-).

Hehehe I knew you'd ask me about the senior in NCJ. Am not telling you :-p.

shubha retorted...

thanx for that deeps! will not trouble u with tags again. was good fun reading this!

Deeps retorted...

>> Shubha >>

Hey no problems. You can trouble me with tags anytime. My reaction was because I had a whole backlog of blogs to write and another one added to it :-D.

Now that all backlog is cleared you can tag me anytime :-D.