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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

After Death?

After death?

As I was free and had not enough work to do
Weird thoughts flew glibly inside my head..
That was when I wondered and pondered
What would happen to me after I were dead..

Maybe I would become a fierce and scary ghost
Floating wherever and forever in frilly whites..
Haunting anyone, be it enemies or friends
Playing pranks and giving everyone frights..

Maybe I would be made a very pretty angel
And sent into an extremely beautiful heaven..
I would bring happiness, wipe sadness away
I will do good and every life I would enliven..

Maybe I would be sent to a horrifying hell
Somehow I know that it will make me glad..
I would bribe the devil, become a hell supervisor
And make sure others are punished real bad..

Maybe reincarnation is the next logical step
I would choose to be a cockroach, given a choice..
I would eat and eat and not become fat at all,
I would scare a few without even making any noise..

But what if death is an inevitable dead end?
No hell below us or no heaven above at the top..
If so, then I better make sure my life is fun
Before it comes to an abrupt, complete full stop.


Sriram retorted...

That was a nice poem - I always wonder how poets(take that complement .. ) come up with ideas(first) and translate them into nice phonetics (second) ...

Usha retorted...

wow. that is wonderful attitude.You can be positive even about being sent to hell - amazing!But dear lady, there is no place for wonderful people like you in Hell.

Vanditha retorted...

Cute poem. I remembered the Hanigavanas we read during school. Though this is slightly long for one :D

Cockroach thingy was really good ;D

vani retorted...

u will never change....uffff.

Deeps retorted...

>> Sri >>

Thanku :). I've had this idea for a couple of days now. Wanted to write a normal post on it. But yesterday it flashed into my mind that I could write a poem on it. Since I knew the paragraphs were gonna be ghost, heaven, hell, reicarnation and fullstop anyway, it was all a mater of arranging them into words :-D.

>> Usha >>

Hmm you never know ;-). A gal's gotta be prepared :-D.

>> Vandu >>

I knew you'd agree with me on the cockroach one. We who love to eat, envy the life of the cockroach :-D.

>> Vani >>

Nope, definitely won't :-D.

Ms. V retorted...

This is absolutely beautiful. The different choices after death... wow. I love it :)

Deeps retorted...

>> Vids >>

Hehehe thanks. I don't know if and whether we'll have choices, but it would be nice, wouldn't it? :).

Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Scary choices !!! A cockroach ? A hell supervisor !!!! I must admit , its a very different line of thought ! Very creative .

Btw , though your site looks nice , The text and the ducks merge . It works fine on IE , but I use Mozilla Firefox ( Ver. ) . Try to do something about it . ( Ask Ms. V for fundaes , she seems to have become an expert ;P )

Deeps retorted...

>> Harish >>

Have made some changes to accomodate Mozilla. Hope it looks a bit better now. But lot of the span tags like italics, don't work in Mozilla. I guess to change that will be a tremendous task...

Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Perfecth ! ( *Russian Accent* ) Great ! , you changed it immediately . Are we looking at an action maniac here ?

Soumya retorted...

Too good Deeps...

I could almost picture u in a white flowy gown saying "naanu ee aalada maradalliro bhoota"...

Hell supervisor!!!Ingenious!!!Can't stop laughing...But cockroach!!! I'd run miles away from u...Though "eat and don't get fat" is really a tempting thing...

Trust u to make even death fun...Way to go girl...

Soumya retorted...

Hey, by the way, the changes u made seem to work on my home computer...I use netscape, so I guess resolution was not the issue with me...Anyway, it is all good now...Thanks man...

Deeps retorted...

>> Harish >>

Hmmm I am a sort of action maniac :-|. If somebody asks for a change, it keeps eating my brain like a worm, until I do something about it ;-) :-D. BTW the adaption to Mozilla took almost 3 hours :-p.

>> Soum >>

Hey I didn't know you used netscape. Had you mentioned that last time, the changes would have been made long ago :-D.

Hehehee I really didn't remember "Aalada marada bhootha" when I wrote the poem. I'm surprised that it didn't occur to me.

But don't strike off a cockroach so easily. You get to eat a lot, fly (if you are a flying cockroach), pop out suddenly and scare a few, and last but not least have a very short and sweet life ;-). Not to mention no janjhaata of studying or earning money :-D.

wise donkey retorted...

A big WOW and its something i will have to read again:)

on cockroach what a fantastic thought !!!

Sorry Deeps for not being a regular in this blog. the loss is mine.
in chennai till 19th april now.. :(
will be regular after i return.

wise donkey retorted...

and the new look is fantastic , i am partial to ducks :D somehow i cant help adoring them :)

Arz000n retorted...

Holy cow!!

Wht happend to the template...I can see ducks all ova...

*rubs my eye-balls* many ducks on ur blogs!!

But what if death is an inevitable dead end?
Hehehe...I used to think about this only...wht if our soul goes somwhere up up up high above in the sky and we look below on the earth..and find friends partying everyday...but alas, we cant enjoy it...

Nice poem Deep-tea :)

Deeps retorted...

>> Gaya >>

Missed your comments. Will look forward to lots of them after your return :). Thanks :).

>> Arjun >>

Ducks, ducks everywhere :-D. Thanku sir {bows} :).

jac retorted...

I hope that you don’t end up in hell or heaven but in Armageddon

I have a nice question for you in the dilemma.

Nice presentations.