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Monday, October 31, 2005

Dee Deep Deepawali :)

The beautiful day of lights is here :).

Deepawali has always fascinated me. Its one of my favourite festivals, not only because of the fireworks, but because of the lights and the rituals as well. There is a cheerfulness in case of Deepawali more than any other festival or that is what I have noticed in my household. I even used to love taking walks around the colony in the day just to watch kids light up patakhas (or pataki in Kannada). There's a kind of vibrant energy all around. And I used to go upto terrace during the nights and enjoy the rockets lighting up the skies. I love it :).

This year's Deepawali is in a way, a mixture of happiness and sadness for me. Its the same old story. The happiness is obviously in the fact that I have Sri now and am getting to spend it with him. The sadness comes from the fact that had we been in India, this being our first Deepawali after marriage, we'd have spent it with my parents. Its supposed to be very special. Instead, we are spending it here in a country which doesn't even know what the festival is. No one to share the joys with and obviously no walk around the colony to see children playing. No sitting up on the terrace either, the houses don't even have the terrace concept here :-p.

Its been continuously gnashing at my heart. Sri consoles me saying any Deepawali we are in India, we'll celebrate in a big way. The mind understands the logic, we can't fly to India anytime we want and all that, but the heart doesn't. It wants to throw tantrums, make a fuss and somehow be in India. The story is never-ending...

But I haven't actually let my heart bog me down. Yet. Last week we went and bought candles, plain and scented ones. The diyas are available in Indian stores, but rates are atrocious + didn't want to risk diyas, what with wooden houses here. The candles atleast have a glass/metal cover. We obviously can't have fireworks (Neighbours are sure to call 911 immediately, if they hear weird noises :-p), but atleast we saw some in the recent Atlanta trip. I actually said to myself then, this is my Deepawali. Sounds pathetic, I know, but what else can I do?

So, we did do neeru tumbso hubba (water filling festival) yesterday. I drew some decorations in turmetic-kumkum on the water heater and performed the pooja. Later we lighted up all the candles and arranged them in front of the door :). I also had taken recipes from mom for a special Deepawali dish called Ereyappa. There is sweet ereyappa and khaara ereyappa. I made both and they came out pretty well for first attempt ;-). But, while making ereyappa, the poor American mixie couldn't handle my Indian jaggery and the blade's rubber got burnt. Sri's applaudable comment to that was "We did atleast burn something, even though there wasn't any noise" and my retort was "yeah, thank God the mixie didn't explode or something, then really there'd have been a huggggge noise" :-D. We also called up our homes and some of our relatives to wish them all a prosperous Deepawali :).

Today morning woke up early. Deepawali's Naraka Chaturdashi special is enne snaana i.e Oil bath. So did enne shaastra and later had a head bath. Did an aarthi and seeked blessings. That's it. Sri headed to his office and I started my work. Yup, we will be lighting candles for 3 days, but its somehow not the same without the constant noise in the background, without the hustle bustle and without the crackers.

But its still not that bad. Last year, on the third day of Deepawali i.e Bali Padyami, I met Sri. And this Deepawali, we are together. That day I didn't even know whether to say Yes or No. Today, I can't imagine not being with him. This chain of thoughts is enough to bring a smile on my face whenever I feel even a bit down :). So thats how the cheerfulness and the spirit of the festival are maintained.

Mom and Dad, the Deepawali from your side is still baaki to us. Lets carry it over to whichever year we are back in India and then we'll celebrate it really grand :). I know you miss us and I miss you all too, but we'll make it all up when we are together again :).

As for you other people, have a wonderful Deepawali and play safe with firecrackers :).


Amit retorted...

Happy Diwali Deepthi.
At least you are getting to spend Diwali with the most imp person
in your life and you are celebrating it.
Feel for bachelors like us. Nobody to celebrate the Diwali with ;-)
infact no Diwali at all.
But one good thing is there are so many Indians here that they orgainize
some sort of Diwali party to get together and even burst crackers with
special permission :-)

Deeps retorted...

Thanks Amit and wish you the same :). I do agree that you are underprivileged hehehee :)).

Lexington is a very small place with very less Indians, so don't know of any party/fireworks here. Have to find out :).

Rays Of Sun retorted...

Hi Deeps!

Wish you a Happy First Diwali, after marriage. I know how it feels, especially coz its your first one away from family. Nevertheless, let the lights that you light in your home, bring a sparkle in your life. For me, the diyas that I light at home, brings me immense joy:) Plus, going to the temple is another way to feel the joy!

Soumya retorted...

Modalane deepavaliya haardika shubhashayagalu...I can imagine the grandeur u'd have had if u were in India...But, its so nice ure celebrating it with Sriram in almost the same way as u'd have done at home...May the lights brighten up ur lives ahead...

I gave up on celebrations long ago...Now, I just tell my parents to celebrate everything on my behalf...Alas!! student life(sigh!!)Well, even otherwise, there's absolutely no fun when ure alone...We've a function, though, arranged by the Indian Students Association...That'll be good...

I miss home soooooooo much...Just waiting to finish soon and go back for good...I've been waiting right from day one when I set foot upon this wonderland...No matter what, there's nothing like home...

Anyway, u enjoy and have a great time...


Deeps retorted...

>> ROS >>

Thanks :). Yeah I used to have diyas all over the place in Bangalore. Here, its a bit of problem as the lights need to be monitored ;-).

>> Soum >>

Dhanyavaadagalu mathu tamagu deepawaliya hardhika shubhashayagalu :). Hey you have an Indians student association and you get to do something. Atleast thats good. As for me, I just couldn't let our first Diwali go away without any celebrations, could I? :)

geethamh retorted...

Glad that u r with the brightest light of ur life and also some new lights.
Sure to have all the pending celebrations when time comes.

Have a great festival of lights.

geethamh retorted...


We missed you both very much. Each & every minute remembering you...
Festival seems dull...

Waiting you to celebrate Deepavali
love you deeps

Deeps retorted...

>> Dad >>

Thanks. And the pending celebrations is a deal :).

>> Mom >>

We missed you a lot too. We'll celebrate real good whenever we are there for Deepawali, I promise :). Love you too :).