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Monday, October 24, 2005

Why, Oh Why, God?

Why, Oh Why, God?

God, why have you made autumn this way?
So many different colours to be seen..
Here in America, so many shades in leaves
While there in India, why only green?

God, why have you made days this way?
One is cloudy while other is blessed with sun..
And why are creatures the way they are?
One cannot fly while another cannot run..

God, why have you made countries this way?
One has mountains while the other has ravines..
And why is the fate of them so different?
When one has floods, several others have famines..

God, why have you made humans this way?
Skin colours black, white, red and brown..
While the internal system is quite the same,
Why are faces, thoughts, unique and their own?

God, why have you made feelings this way?
Excited, Confused, Lonely, Happy and Sad..
And why is the human nature so different?
While one is good, why is the other so bad?

God, why have you made me this way?
Why do I think, think and over-think?
Why has what started as autumn colours,
Changed into so many other why's in a blink?


Ms. V retorted...

:D So cute! And so true...

Deeps retorted...

Thanks Vids :).

Neel Arurkar retorted...

Dont think, just blink ;-)
(Was reading the cover page of blink the other day)

Deeps retorted...

oh cool. Looks like great minds "think" alike ;-)

wise donkey retorted...

deeps really wow :)

Deeps retorted...

Thanks Gaya :).

Soumya retorted...

Very sweet...(Don't want to spoil the charm by writing too many words)

geethamh retorted...

i enjoyed the fact that mum started crying reading this - darshan.

geethamh retorted...

enjoyed the marvelous photos & the poem alike ... great deepuuu

Deeps retorted...

>> Soum >>

Hey thanks :).

>> Darsh >>

You are a goobe man!! Did you atleast try to console her? A big :-p to you!!

>> Mom >>

Thanku mommy :).