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Thursday, October 13, 2005

What you shouldn't blog...

Literally stumbled upon a whole controversy when I was just glancing at some blog. Before you read my instructions on what not to blog, first you require the prelude in chronological order. I suggest you read through all of these (I know its a bloody lot, but you really need the background before making assumptions). So here are the events:

  • The beginning - an article carried by JAM Magazine about IIPM whose editor is Rashmi Bansal.

  • Gaurav Sabnis, a regular blogger reads the above and writes a post, like we bloggers regularly tend to do ;-).

  • Gaurav gets a legal notice!!

  • It reaches up to the level of Gaurav's employer IBM and he decides to resign voluntarily!!

  • Varna another blogger, mentions Gaurav's post and gets a legal notice!!

  • It has become a bloggers vs. IIPM movement now :-D

  • Latest update is that NDTV calls it "fascinating story, which has not just raised questions about claims made by private educational institutions but also about laws governing internet privacy. " :-o!!

Ok the history over. Now my post. Tips on what you shouldn't blog:

  • Don't refer to a magazine article in any part of your post. You never know who might come up and sue you ;-).

  • If some other blogger is posting references to a magazine article, please don't ever support him/her and mention him/her in your post. Oooooooooops looks like I'm doing exactly that!! Hellllllllllp, I might get a legal notice anytime!! For people who want to send legal notice, please post it as a comment to this post as I've not given my email Id anywhere on my blog :-p. Look at me being considerate :-D.

  • If you don't support the blogger above and want to register and post, don't ever post like this stupid guy here :-p. "Mummy, Mummy, my school is very nice, I even got a chocolate" anyone?? Sheeeeeeeesh!!

  • Well, looking at the points above, I think you shouldn't even blog at all!!

  • Also, if you read all my points and still want to go ahead and post, then don't worry, 1000's of bloggers including me will support you :).

If you ask my personal opinion, I think the whole thing is silly. IIPM instead of neglecting the whole thing, negligently put its ass on fire by giving it importance. Now even TVs are picking up the story. Ab IIPM ka kya hoga? Tch tch tch!! Poor Rashmi , Gaurav and Varna are being attacked at personal level, which I think is absolutely shameful and so do 1000's of other bloggers who are supporting them. Go people!! You guys rock!!

But I sort of pity the poor students studying in the pitiful institute. I mean, it really shows how worried they are if they are willing to burn the one and only laptop given to them by the institute :-p (Me being devilish >:) ).............


Sachin retorted...

:D Absolutely disgusting!!! How pathetic can institutions be?

Well, I would like to take back the word "Institution" in the above sentence!

I can open a website, "please fwd your KIND donations & it will reach the physically challenged of world!".... what a shame it is, if I am hosting this website on ulterior motives of wining my bread?

Selling nothing is tolerable but selling lies is unacceptable.

R.Subramanian retorted...

hmm all said and done... now who is the ultimate loser? students

who is the ultimate winner? media


hv seen ur comments in other blog sites deepthi..first timer to ur blogsite.. welcome to as well :)

Bachelor retorted...

Bring out the writer in you! Weave a story! Watch your story unfold with your fellow bloggers.New twists, new turns while this absurd fiction goes places. See your story through virtual eyes.

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Story so far...


It was a crowded raliway platform. Manav looked around in apprehension at the other students bustling around him with their luggage in tow. He weaved around them and looked at anxious mothers kissing their children goodbye and worrying fathers giving out last minute advices. He dragged his torn suitcase behind him and searched for any empty seat. The train was to leave to in fifteen minutes. Finding an empty seat in a compartment, Manav tried to put his suitcase on it and occupy it, but one look at his tattered clothes and the girl sitting there moved to occupy the empty seat. Nobody would let him sit near them and Manav was left standing all alone struggling to stop the tears streaming down his face. And then he saw....

Kay Yes said...

... a woman who looked like his mother! At a closer look, he found it was not his mother! His tears did not move any of the fellow passengers. They looked at him with disgust.

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So he is, in the station, on the way to Trivandrum,with his tattered clothes & torn suitcase, that he has been wearing since last week. He would go to the Sainik school in Trivandram and get back his belongings to join the prestigious job in his Uncle's petty shop!

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Soumya retorted...

That's one thought provoking post yaar...What lengths can people go to...My sympathies are with the students ...I saw the loooong list of bloggers who supported Gaurav...Hey, that's a hell of a lot of people...The bloggers' community is sure united...Hats off to u all...

Btw, will ur next post be a legal notice???(ha!ha!ha!ha!)


Jeev retorted...

These management people have certainly lost their minds.Its absolutely insane to sue someone for personal thoughts.IT doesn't make sense and with this the I**M(the fear inside me is gripping tight...i dont wanna get screwed) is gonna have a tough time around.

wise donkey retorted...

uh oh so i should correct my post :D
or claim its just about saurav ganguly:D

btw i would love to seem times write an edit on intimidating bloggers thru lawsuits.

surely we havent forgotten

Loonie retorted...

Am bak here after a long time. Thanx for dropping by my blog n yeah tagging me:-)
i see some lovely posts here..would be reading them tomorrow.
take gud care!:-)

Deeps retorted...

Wow!! One weekend I go missing, and I see 7 comments. Not much, but it sorta makes me feel important. I know it should not ;-).

>> Sachin >>

I know man. Dunno when this will end or whether this will end or not!!

>> R Subramanian >>

I so agree with you. More students will think twice before entering IIPM if they read this story. But the current students will get hit hard. Most of the IT people are familiar with the blog world and may look down on IIPM students though many of them are good :(.

Welcome to my blog, BTW :).

>> Bachelor >>

Hey it sounds like a very interesting idea, but right now I'm a bit busy. Maybe when I get the time...

>> Soum >>

Oh!! You are scaring me further. Legal notice? Oh nooooooo!! Sri, my hero, come and save me from scary friends.. :-D. Nahi yaar, how many people will they send legal notices to? There are 1000s of bloggers blogging about the same thing now. If they have the time and the patience, well, they are welcome to do it :-D.

>> Jeev >>

Don't worry. I'll tell you if I get a legal notice. Then you can start worrying as they'll also discover your comment on my blog and might send you one next :-D.

>> Gaya >>

Looks like another common factor in Leos. Can't wait to get into trouble :-D. Hey, I'm with you if you get sued :-D. Leos should always behind each other, unless there's a fight about who's the leader ;-) :-D.

>> Loonie >>

Thanks for accepting my tag. I was actually expecting curses from you :). Will look forward to your answers :).

Samba retorted...

i guess iipm got some much needed free publicity after all. The plus about getting involved in a controversy is u can generate public sympathy if you are good. there is a decent chance that u will be able to convert some of this good pr into bottom lines. This especially works if you are small and relatively low key. As a small player, you are not likely to face the wrath that works against big business. You have a better chance of portraying urself as a victim rather than a culprit.

Moral of the story. Controversy is an opportunity. Create one if you are interested in publicity and are intelligent enough. If not atleast get someone foment one against you. People like Sulman Rushdie, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Jaikishan, Abe Lincoln .... all have ridden the wave of controversy. Rahmis Bansal might be the next Taslima Nasreen in the making, albeit of a more corporate nature.

Deeps retorted...

>> Samba >>

True in many ways. Sometimes, I really dunno whether this is really an issue or a hype cleverly thought about by people to get IIPM and JAM free publicity. But its a lot negative for IIPM anyways.

I guess this is a problem with my generation. We don't know what to think. Our mind is constantly moving in all directions!! Maybe we just ought to stop thinking for a while and give our hyper-active brains a much needed rest :-p.

Het Waghela retorted...

I will not mention name of Magazine in my post but write as comment in someone else's blog say Deepthi :-),,, just kidding. But ur post was good one.

Deeps retorted...

Het, I've already dug a grave for myself by mentioning the whole thing. The grave can't get any bigger :-D.

Thanks and welcome :).

Neel Arurkar retorted...

If IIPM had kept quite, no one would even have heard about this. Now, I know what IIPM is :-) ha ha ha

Deeps retorted...

Hey, me neither :-D. I had heard about Arindham Chaudhuri because of his stupid film, but never knew about him being dean of IIPM ;-).