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Thursday, October 06, 2005


God!! There were so many people writing about blogging that they started giving me an inferiority complex (Now I can't have that, can I? :-D). I see the "To blog or not to blog" title in every damn place. What's this (blog) world coming to?? :-D

First I read Maddox's post on blogging. I saw so many posts referring to it that I just had to read it. It says:

Blogger: Term used to describe anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives.

Yup people, as you can see my life is pretty uneventful ;-). And yup, I do have the time :-D.

Just when I thought people couldn't have a worse opinion on blogging, I read "Blogging is stupid; go be a human being" referred to by another blogger saying that he agrees!! (this guy agrees and he has been blogging for 3 years now! Contradictions or what! :-D). The article is by Heather Burns and this is what she has to say:

Blogs aren't just stupid, they are crippling our social skills, and there is nothing better than human interaction, trust me. Believe it or not, there is a world outside of the computer. No joke, it has trees, popcorn and drive-thru liquor stores

Yeah so true. I just went outside and saw that there are so many trees. Wow!! Till now I hadn't realized that the earth had trees!!

Am I taking it personally? Yes. Am I being defensive? Absolutely :). If bloggers and blogs are junk, then why the heck are these people giving opinions on junk??

If you ask me why I blog (I know you are not asking me :-p), I don't have a definite answer. Is it because I don't have any other better work to do? Is it because I think I have a webspace and I like to fill it up with junk? Is it because I am being
narcissistic? Or is it because I don't have any real friends and I have only my computer I can have a decent conversation with??

No, the answer probably lies in the fact that I love to write. Be it a small memory or a nice trip or a not-so-nice experience. Yes, I am aware that many people (most of them strangers) may stumble across my blog and read it. No, I am not writing my blog in such a way that'll compel them to read it. Its their wish and will. As for people I know, my family, friends and relatives know about my blog and they love that fact that I have the time and patience to write all about a few simple day-to-day happenings (If you are one of the family, friends and relatives and you think otherwise, then this is the time to contradict me :-D. Speak now or forever hold your peace :-D. Hehehehe :-D). I am living far away from most of them, so I love to let them know the tiny details of my life, be it boring, stupid or whatever!!

And yup, I have gone out, eaten popcorn, not driven through liquor stores till now (probably will be another experience to jot about :-D), but have seen trees, birds and flowers. Heck, thats what I blog about :-D.


Sachin retorted...

When I started I had to answer myself a repeating question in my mind. "Why break once my own privacy?"..

Well, I know what to publish and what not. So where am I breaking my privacy :-). If I have to hide info, I WILL.

And, Its not a manadate right! Its a choice and not obligation.

Well written Deeps! I loved the ending.

Deeps retorted...

Well, I know what to publish and what not. So where am I breaking my privacy :-). If I have to hide info, I WILL.

Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxactly!! Its my blog, my decison whether to write something or not and as this is not a diary which nobody will read, obviously I will not put what I don't want anyone to see. Simple :). Thanks buddy :).

Soumya retorted...

Hey Deeps,

"I am living far away from many of them, so I love to let them know the tiny details of my life..."

Absolutely true...That was one of the first reasons I loved ur blog so much when u told me about it...U know, after I started reading ur blog, I felt I was not so far from u after all...Way to go, man...

Don't give a thought to the 'blog-haters'..."naayi bogalidre, devaloka haalagolla"...U're doing a great job of writing...Keep writing...Its ur space and u've every right to write whatever u want...

Enjoy maadi...

Deeps retorted...

Soum, thanks!! That sure encourages my fighting spirits (as if they needed that :-D)..

Ok so one supports Deepthi, where are all the others? Since they are not speaking, I'll take "maunam" as "sammathi lakshanam" :)).

wise donkey retorted...

i adore blogging though not addicted to it.

Blogging has the choice of annoymity.
people would tell things honestly in blogs but not in real life.
(in o3 blogs, just to be outrageous, people can lie though)

in social life, we tend to be in a group which is similar to us. but in bloggin we can come across different "types". and it does enrich.

in real life, people discussing feelings are frowned. but we are what we feel too. bloggin gives us a space for that.

blogging makes u think beyond day to day routine

thru bloggin i could become more aware of science ( )

get more inspired

appreciate the beautiful gifts of moments, deeps ur blog , neels blog and many other blogs in blogspot.

appreciate beauty thru pic blogs

make a difference and say i care, being there, even if its just on blogs (well to some bloggers)

and well there r probably more...

In 31 years i have never "stuck" to a particular activity (well reading exculded) but i have blogged for a year, and for me thats something:)

More the blogs, better will be the society and now if only someone would make my net connection less expensive

Deeps retorted...

Hehehe Gaya :). For net connection to be inexpensive in India, it'll take some time :).

I hope to blog all my life. But you never know.. I have actually seen some blogs I thought interesting vanish from the webspace :(

Leon retorted...


Blogging means different things to different people.

For instance.. for people who write REALLY well, it's about doing what they do best. For people who have a lot of time on their hands, it's about doing something productive. And believe me blogging is definitely productive. Atleast more productive than sleeping, gossiping and getting drunk. You learn a lot of useful facts from other blogs and improve your writing skills.

However, blogging brings the most satisfaction when one writes for oneself without caring for what the world thinks and about how many people have read what has been written.

I have definitely not mastered that art.. ;-)

Thanu retorted...

Blogging for me is just abt writing what I feel like. As most of u said, if I think it is personal it is not going up on my blog. I don think anyone blogs thinking no one is gonna read his/her blog but on the contrary ppl blog for other ppl to read.

Deeps retorted...

>> Leon >>

So true. But majority of the blogs I've read all are well written :). I've only found one or two which I may term as bhakwas ;-). But I know there are 1000s more I haven't read yet :).

>> Thanu >>

Yeah I have noticed many people blog for others' sake. When I started, I didn't have any readers for a long time. I was writing for myself. But I have to admit my writing has changed a bit now as many people including my family and friends read this :).

wise donkey retorted...

:( not in India at the moment. the place i am in has dial up thru an intercom and its more expensive than India.

no i dont mention where i live, but i am not complaining either:)

true, interesting blogs go, and manytimes without explanation.

hope i blog forever too:)

Deeps retorted...

Ohhhhhhh not in India? Secrets from your readers huh? :-D. Anways, as I always say, you are entitled to your privacy :).
And yeah, hopefully the net will become inexpensive wherever you are :).

Neel Arurkar retorted...

Deeps: Ah! Who cares about their comments :-) . I will blog forever....

Deeps retorted...

True Neel :). Right now my plan is also to blog forever :).

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