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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Reflecting Reality :)

{Start excuses}
{End excuses}

Don't want to waste much more time/space than that :-D. But had been to Seattle last week for 5 days and have a huge post coming up on that. While I plan/write/edit that out, I just wanted to put this up. I was introduced to this particular comic strip about a month back and am constantly amazed on how much it resembles some of the situations I'm in these days :-D. Well, this particular one was the first strip I read (I think :-D), please click to enlarge:

And at about the same time, Snugli was in the mode of destroying every bit of paper she found :)).

The above one is a constant reflection of our daily sleeping habits while the below one is the proof that Sri has bathed Snugli only twice till now :-D.

I'm not in the phase of the next one yet, but I guess its just a matter of time ;-)..

More at Baby Blues :).


Anonymous retorted...

Hey you.. how are you doing.. It was a pleasant surprise to see your comment on my blog. (Do you remember who I am? :))I havent visited your blog in a long time... :)
Read that you had babies and are comfortable when I came over here last time. Will read more to get updated.
Hope you are cool now, and are enjoying life ! :)

Soumya retorted...

Haven't stopped laughing from the time I read this. Hilarious yaar! But then again, cartoons reflect life, don't they?