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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pregnant questions :-D

Start Disclaimer:

I'm not to blame for some of the weird thoughts that wander around in my head. Right now, the pregnancy harmones are the culprits. Please note that this post is about some things I have wondered about as my pregnancy progressed. That I have "wonder"ed about them, doesn't mean that I actually acted upon any of them :-p. So after reading this post, if you start thinking that I am a crazy woman who needs to be locked up, please think again :-D.

End Disclaimer:

Ofcourse I made a list of such "wonder"ings :-D. Lets kick it!

1st Trimester thoughts:

1) Is it ok that I am not really concerned about the "nutrition" factor when I am eating (more like overeating) for 2 people? I'm sure hogging on cupcakes have nothing to do with nutrition :-p.

2) Is it ok to think that the baby is going to wreck your responsibility-free life, later feel guilty and actually say out loud to the baby "Sorry, mommy is nuts!"??

3) Is it ok to smirk or sigh at all advice given by elders and experienced friends, but later follow every single one very dutifully? :-\.

4) Is it ok to worry about not having any of the 1st trimester symptoms like nausea and morning sickness, while simultaneously I'm actually glad that I don't have any?

5) Is it ok to worry about every twinge in the stomach and hope the baby is ok? Or is it pure paranoia?

2nd Trimester thoughts:

1) Is it ok to check my weight not every single day but almost every single hour and wonder whether its the baby or me growing? Especially with the cupcake-hogging that I mentioned ;-) :-p.

2) Is it ok to ask the doctor number of questions every visit, so much that the day I don't have any questions to ask, the doc in turn asks me whether I'm doing well and how come I don't have any questions? :-O!

3) Is it ok to long for an adventure like white water rafting/kayaking while knowing that pregnancy is probably the biggest adventure of my life?

4) Is it ok to blame the husband for every ache and pain I have? ;-). Pooooooooor Sri, I know :-D.

5) Is it ok for a pregnant woman to want to run like the wind just to watch the horrified expression on her husband's face and that the only thing stopping her is the fact that the strangers around might think "The obviously pregnant woman must be insane!!"?

3rd Trimester thoughts:

1) Is it ok to day-dream about baby stuff? Moreover is it ok that the day-dream is actually a day-nightmare about changing diapers and cleaning the baby up??

2) Is it ok to scold the baby and complain "Mommy is tired" when the poor thing has been continuously kicking me only for an hour or so? :-p.

3) Is it ok to try to run behind Sri ("try" is the key word here) and hit him when he imitates the walk of a very obvious pregnant woman and teases me?

4) Is it ok to be very very irritated with myself for not being able to do things as easily as before?

5) Is it ok to wonder whether the doctor is bored of my check-up visits and tired of saying "Everything's going great" all the time?

And finally, is it ok to be cribbing about all of this in a blog post? Hmm, I wonder..

That reminds of a lovely song by Fool's Garden called "Lemon Tree" :). This is not the original video, but I like this one better :). Very silly lyrics, but who knows, they might have some deeper hidden meaning ;-).

Thanks to YouTube and user asianeviljanet for the video.

I wonder how..
I wonder why..


Orchid retorted...

vow! that's a long list for sure but there's nothing wrong with it....and I would blame them hormones atleast partially!

Geetha retorted...

Dear Deeps,

'Huchhu massina hatthu mukhagalu'

Everything is OK ..& it is natural..

Deeps retorted...


Thanks for understanding ;-) :).


Hehehee :)).