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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That day to today..

That day, 3 years ago, I didn't know whether I wanted to be with him. Contrarily he did.

Today I know that I'd rather be with him than anyone else.

That day, 3 years ago, I didn't know we'd get along so well. In fact, I didn't know whether we'd get along at all.

Today I know we are made for each other :).

That say, 3 years ago, I didn't even know whether I wanted to see him again. I was confused, unsure.

Today I know I live to see him everyday..

That day, 3 years ago, there we were - 2 separate individuals who didn't know whether they had anything in common.

Today here we are - we have everything in common, we have made a life together and managed to create a life together :).

That day, 3 years ago, I didn't know whether he was the one for me.

Today I know that we were always meant to be...

P.S: Nov 13th is the day Sri and I first met :).


Hariroopa retorted...

Hi Deepti,
Wish you both a very happy anniversary!! May you have many, many , many more...
I am a frequent reader of your blog, and I really love your optimism and cheerful attitude. It is very inspiring.

Orchid retorted...

Hey deepthi,
A very happy anniversary to both of you and that was one sweet tribute!
so, what's special ?

Thanu retorted...

So beautifully written......

Happy 3rd anniversary to u.

Sonia retorted...

Hi Deepthi,

Happy 3rd anniversery..and its such a coincidence that i celebrated my third wedding anniv on the same day too...:-), that prompted me to leave this comment..i am a regular reader of your blog...though I dont have a blog of my own....great writing,keep blogging.

Deeps retorted...


Thanks a lot. Its the anniversary of the day we first met (hence added the P.S). And since its your first comment here, welcome to my blog :).


Right now, with me being 8 months pregnant, just being together at home is special :-D. Thanks :).


Thanks a lot :).


I added the P.S saying its our "day we met" anniversary :-D. Welcome to my blog :). Congratulations and happy anniversary to you too.

Sonia retorted...

oops...:-)....thanks for the message deepthi...hope you are having a good time anticipating the arrival of the new one..:-)..take care..

Chickoo retorted...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Chickoo retorted...

Wish you and Sriram a very happy wedding anniversary!!

Pavana retorted...

Very well written.Wish you a very happy and prosperous life for the next 100 yrs:)

Deeps retorted...


No probs and thanks again :).


Its not our wedding anniversary, its the anniversary of the "day we first met". Thanks a lot though :).


Thank you so much, your wishes mean a lot :).

Vidhya Rajesh retorted...

hey! belated anniversary wishes! am dropping at your site after a long time .... Wanted to know if you had the baby ... good to see there is still time to go ... hope you are doing great and having a nicee time ...

Vidhya Rajesh retorted...

Hi Deepthi,
I tagged you - Do see my blog and write about it in yours if you like it ...

Kiran retorted...

more good seconds, minutes and hours to come!

hv a gud time :)