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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kiddie humour anyone?

Had been to one of the malls on Black Friday (yeah I'm in 9th month, yet ran around for Black Friday shopping, So?? :-p) and the following scenes happened in and around a restroom.


Scene 1:

Am just walking into the restroom when a little boy (about 3-4 years old) and his mom come behind me.
Lady (pointing to the ladies restroom): lets go in there.
Little boy (pointing to the men's restroom): No I wanna go there.
Lady: Look I Can't go in there, so if you want to go, you have to come with me.
Little boy makes a face, folds his hands, firmly shakes his head and walks off. While the mom follows.


Scene 2:

Same restroom, am standing in queue due to hugggggge crowds.
A little girl walks up to me and says "Oh my, you have a bigggggggggg belly" and walks off before I can react.



Orchid retorted...

:) so did that give u a li'l insight into ur own future ??

Compassion Unlimitted retorted...

Hi a first tmer here from Preethis blog
So looks your Black friday was Hilarious !!
Do drop in to my blog if you have the time

Timepass retorted...

So u are set to welcome the little one anytime..Good luck

Deeps retorted...


Insights galore :-D.


Welcome to my blog and thanks :).


Yup all set :).

~nm retorted...

hahaha! The kids are so funny and so cute at the same time!!