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Saturday, December 01, 2007

What love isn't..

My first kannada song. I'm not putting up the video, not because its not available, surprisingly it is on Youtube :-D (seems like everything's on Youtube these days ;-) :-D), but because I like the song better without the faces involved ;-).

Its one of my favourite love songs (brings back memories of a huggge crush in high school >:) :-D) and its from the movie Shhh. The songs called "Avanalli Ivalilli" and is sung by LN Shastry who is not such a well-known singer. The movie was directed by the famous Uppi (upendra) and the song lyrics were penned by him too.

Avanalli Ivalilli....

If you can understand Kannada, you can appreciate the lyrics. My favourite part is the 2nd paragraph which goes like this:

Neene ella, neenirade baaLe illa annuvudu prema alla
Maragala suththodalla, Kavanagala geechodalla
Neththarali bareyodalla, Vishavanu kudiyodalla
Maunavene Dhyanave prema......

The translation is something like this (mistakes idre please adjust madkolli :-D):

Love is not saying "You are everything to me, there is no life without you"..
Love is neither running around trees nor scribbling poems..
Love is neither writing in blood nor drinking poison..
Love is just being silent in the thought of the loved one..

Why this love song suddnely? Simply because :).


Chickoo retorted...

I like this song too :-).

Orchid retorted...

i listened to it and liked it..thanks for the link!

Ms Taggart retorted...

Kelidene naanu ee song, olle song idu.
Can u send this to me to my email id?

Mohan K.V retorted...

Very, very nice song. The lyrics are wonderful, and especially the pauses are used to great effect. Uppi-ginta ruchi bere illa ;)

I bumped in here when googling for the lyrics, the 'Mounave, dhyanave prema' (the most important part, I think) wasn't clear in the version I had :)

Thanks for putting this up, I agree that the 2nd para is the best.