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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The fruit of my labour ;-)

We are over the moon because our little star is here!!

Please join us in welcoming our bundle of joy Snigdha into this world.


1. Smooth
2. Tender
3. Gentle
4. Soothing

Birth Date: 19-Dec-2007
Time: 00:56 AM EST
Weight: 8.1 lbs

Snuggles and I are doing great and will be home today/tomorrow. Sri has been my backbone through the whole ordeal :).

More in the next post..


Altoid retorted...

Congrats Deepthi, much delighted with the wonderful news.

Take good care of yourself and of course the angel.

best regards

Timepass retorted...

Great News Deepthi.. Congratulations. Love to Snigdha.. very lovely name..(ur choice?)
Take care of ur health.

~nm retorted...

That's such a wonderful news!! Congratulations to both you and the hubby! And tonnes of love and best wishes for the little princess!!

P.S. Post some pics soon!

Phalguni A.V retorted...

Hi Deepthi, Hearty Congratulations to you and your family!! Snigdha is a very nice name..Take care

Loga retorted...

Good news..Take care :)

accidental diva retorted...

congrats deeps and girl's are the best!!:):)

take care and keep us posted.

Archana retorted...

Congratulations new parents :-D! Welcome to the world baby girl Snigdha :-)!

Sumana retorted...

Congratulations and post pics soon. Welcome to motherhood.

Sonia retorted...

Hearty congratulationss to you & family...have been dropping by here for the news..:-)...Take care!regards to snigdha...

Smi retorted...

You know what we would ask for of the l'il angel, of course!:)

Orchid retorted...

Congrats to you, Sri and the grandparents as well. Lovely name. Take of yourself and please come back with pictures.

Vanditha retorted...


Congratulations!! Real great news!! Best wishes for you both and dear little Snigdha

Usha retorted...

My very best wishes to the proud parents.
As for the little one, welcome to the world. Hope you have a great life ahead filled with good health, joy and every blessing life can offer.

Chickoo retorted...

Hearty Congratulations!!!

Snigdha is a beautiful name. Do post some pictures once you are up on your feet, till then try to get a lot of rest and sleep!

Vidhya Rajesh retorted...

Hi Deepthi,
Congrats ... on the wonderful news. Do post some pictures. Take good care of yourself and your bud :)....
Snigdha is a nice and unique name..

shubha retorted...

thats great news. hearty congratulations deepthi! wish snigdha the very best of everything in life. perfect title for the blog!

by the way, where did u post the blog from?!!

Vidya retorted...

Hello Deepthi,

I have been a regular reader of your blog and have been dropping here to know the news. :)


And the name is really cute and meaningful.

Take Care


The_Girl_From_Ipanema retorted...

Heartiest Congratulations, Deepthi! Beautiful name. And glad to know you two are doing well.

(((((Hugs))))) :)

Sri Krishna Varanasi retorted...

firstly..hearty congratulations
I was just googling around with the name 'Snigdha'and found this beautiful girl who has been named newly.. Was searching around for some good names with "S" for my aunt's 10 days old baby girl....