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Friday, November 23, 2007

Baby blues..

I complete 36 weeks today. That means the baby is "full-term" and may decide to make a grand entry into this world anytime it wants ;-). The longer it stays inside, the better ofcourse :). I decided that I'd write a poem for this happy occasion and since there is no one stopping me from doing what I want, you have to suffer reading through it :-D. Please do enjoy the self-depreciating humour :-p.

Baby blues..

Pregnancy has its big ups and downs
Very less of up and more of a down
My stomach feels like a huge balloon
Which can't fly or hasn't yet flown..

I struggle to sit when I'm lying down,
Standing after sitting is just no fun.
Walking after standing is another test,
While running is out of the question!

Bending is a torment and so is bowing,
I cave in after wee bit of a walk.
No comfort thanks to bad backaches,
I feel exhausted even when I talk!

My centre of gravity is in disarray,
Intuitively my spine bends backward.
After waddling like a penguin for hours,
A series of kicks inside is my reward!

So why go through this lengthy ordeal?
Why withstand the pregnancy pitfall?
Its because a soft warm baby in my arms
Is finally going to be worth it all..


The_Girl_From_Ipanema retorted...

Wowwww..full term already!
am so excited for you! :)


Orchid retorted...

Nice....u will recall this poem fondly in a few yrs..good luck with the labor and if u have time in between go ahead and do the 22 questions tag! Btw, do u know what baby u are having and have u decided on a name? I guess we will hear about it in future posts but I somehow cant seem to wait..feel like i know you well enough, now!

Deeps retorted...


I'm so excited too, and a return hug to you for being so sweet :).


Well, I hope I'll be able to recall it "fondly". Right now I'm a thoroughly frustrated person :-D. We do know what we are having, but 2 of the people I know were told something and it turned out to be the opposite. So we are prepared with both sets of names :-D.