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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fall back..

Its almost the end of autumn and no posts on it from me till now? Thats a grave injustice ;-). I hope this post will act like a penalty :-D.

Since mom has been here (and its already more than a month! How time flies!), we have travelled to quite a few places (short trips due to my condition) over the weekends. We had been to Cincinnati once to show her how a "real" downtown looks like, another weekend to Cumberland falls at Corbin and this weekend to Bluelicks battlefield ( a state park nearby). Cincinnati didn't really have any autumn scenes, so I'll be talking about the other 2.

We had been to see the moonbow at Cumberland falls last year. This time though there was a full moon on Friday, 26th October 2007, it was totally cloudy and cold. There was no way a moonbow could be seen. So we decided to skip that and just visit the falls. The main purpose of the visit was to see autumn colours anyways...

The falls looked quite full for this time of the year :). The trees around were looking all pretty (I have to point out that I posted another picture of the same scenery last year).

Autumn obviously means colourful leaves :).

Leaves are pretty whether they are up on trees or down on the ground..

The roads are the prettiest of them all :).

We had also been to Bluelicks battlefield State resort park in the first year I was here for autumn. The place doesn't have anything except various colourful trees :). So we basically had a good time, enjoying the colours again before all the leaves fall off..

The park was full of yellows...

.., pinks, oranges and reds :).

Did I mention about the pretty roads? :).

The fallen leaves are so pretty :).

But what are better are the ones on the trees :).

But soon, sadly all the glory will fade away into empty branches..

But wait, they'll be all back next year same time :-D. And so life goes on...

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the day the lights fill up everyone's heart with joy :). So wish you all a very happy and a prosperous Deepawali :).

Another post on it will be coming up soon (I hope ;-) :-D)..


Orchid retorted...

sometimes we forget to appreciate the simple things around us..thanks for reminding us about the beauty of fall!
Fab pictures!!

Vanditha retorted...

Good pics!! Wish you too a happy Diwali!!

Deeps retorted...


We got to see quite a few colours, but somehow I felt the fall this time wasn't as good as the previous years..


Double thanks ;-) :-D.