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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Horrors :).

Its that time of the year again, when little ghosts come out to play :-D. Halloween means lots of decorations, costumes and chocolates. The best part was that I had been to my doctor today and the nurses there were having a costume contest and were all dressed up. I even got to vote for the best costume ;-).

The horrorful decorations in my residential locality were a treat to watch as always and so I clicked away like last time :). So lets start off with some pumpkins - hanging ones, swaying ones and staying-still-on-the-ground ones.

Next I present to you a witch, some pumpkins and a skeleton, all inflated. The wonderful thing about this is that the witch pops out every minutes and hides back into the couldron.

Tired already from the tour? Please have a seat with the scarecrow ;-) :).

All rested? Then you are ready to be scared by a group of ghosts hanging from trees!

And if you were not scared, maybe a close-up will help? :).

Next is webs galore, and no its not the world wide web :-p.

In the next house, a smiling scarecrow welcomes you :).

I was really impressed with this next one - a huge spider weaving a big web around a prey :-O.

Looks like a troupe of spiders attacked this house!

And finally, let me join a ghost, a scarecrow, a devil and some other scary beings in thanking you for taking this tour with me and saying goodbye (look at my dialogue dramebaazi :-D).

Happy Halloween to all :).


~nm retorted...

I've never seen such decorations of Halloween in real life ever before. Had seen so many ads/websites who sell all this stuff.

I was quite amazed at the kind of decorations!

Geetha retorted...

Last year I read about Halloween in your blog, & now I experienced
& enjoyed lot......

Orchid retorted...

I was going to ask if your mom had a good time and then I saw her comment :) this is a nice time of the year for parents to visit- the holiday season :)
the spider was my favorite-cool, really!
did u not put up any decoration yourself?

Deeps retorted...


This is my 3rd halloween in US and I'm amazed at the decorations each time :).


I'm glad that you are having a good time :).


Not yet. Maybe after the kid grows up a bit ;-).