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Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Vijayadashami!

I know I'm late by a couple of days. But well, you know me :-p. Hope you all had a happy Dussehra. I did :). My celebration started with being invited to a Sarswathi pooja and Bombe habba Organized by an Indian lady here at her house last Friday. It was really fun to be dressing up for the occasion and later seeing the nicely arranged dolls at her house. What amused me even more was the fact that everyone arriving was in a saree and how it must have seemed to a passing American :-D. They must have thought its a speacial kind of Halloween party :-D, hehehee :)).

I drove myself and mom to the place (the invite was for ladies and children only, poor Sri ;-) :-D). We took some fruits and flowers (chrysanthemums grown at home). We recited everything from Lalitha sahasranama to Lakshmi astaka. It was one of those moments when a foreign country feels like home :). Later after aarthi, we were served a dinner of avalakki oggarane, mosaru vade, idli with different chutneys and badam milk :). After which we came back home.

Saturday was Ayudha pooja and mom made garlands from flowers picked fresh :).

This changed into the following very soon :-D.

Yeah, I am pleased by the way the flowers have been growing this year too. Will surely be putting up a post on it soon (before they all vanish :-p).

Meanwhile, Sri washed and cleaned the car, while I washed and cleaned my cycle (my achievement of the day ;-) :-D). After having bath, the first step was the devaru pooja and aarthi :).

After devaru, next were the ayudha - the cycle and the car.

The car is still enjoying the garland :).

Yesterday, on the occasion of Vijayadashami, mom made hayagriva (a sweet made from kadle bele) and so went the festival :).

I still have to post on the aarthi function that mom held for me last weekend and that will be coming up shortly (I hope :-D).


Orchid retorted...

cool! enjoy time with mom, eat well and stay happy ...all key to a good pregnancy!

Kiran retorted... going!

weird to mention but i lost in touch with all festivities!! :) yeh hostel ko aane ke baad..

anyways... hv a gud time.. me jus relaxed in Hyd!

Deeps retorted...


Good recipe to a good pregnancy eh? ;-).


You'll atleast celebrate Diwali in the hostel, I'm sure :).

Ashu retorted...

Hi Deepthi...this is my first comment(retort) on ur blog....its excellent...i m from bangalore too....from basavangudi....have lived there for 25 living in California....