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Friday, October 12, 2007

Award Shaward Hai rabba!

Timepass has honoured me with the "Power of Schmooze" (the meaning being power to network - hmm I don't really know that holds good with the one or two comments I get :-p) award :).

I would like to thank the various snacks/fruits/juices who have sacrificed themselves so that I could write a single post. I would also like to thank every cow, crow, frog that posed for my not-so-good photographs. It would be unfair if I don't thank my colleagues and boss who, though I was pouring precious work time on the improvement of this blog, never said a word against me. And how can I forget the strangers who became fodder for humour!

But seriously, thanks to Timepass, who thinks I deserve the award, thanks to Sri, mom and dad who have always encouraged (in fact, forced :-p) to write more :), the friends who regularly visit and leave comments and all the people who have dropped in from time to time just to keep me writing :). Thanks a lot :).

Lastly, I am the queen of the world!! :-D.

I have to pass the parcel, oops, award, so here goes :). I give the "Power of Schmooze" award to


Geetha retorted...


Vanditha retorted...

Congrats and thanks deepthi :D

Orchid retorted...

congrats and thanks :)

Thanu retorted...


Timepass retorted...

Wah, Kya post hai!!!

Deeps retorted...


Thanks a lot and welcome (wherever applicable :-D).

wise donkey retorted...

wow! thank you so much:)
loved ur speech:D

Chitra retorted...

Wow, congrats and thanks! :)

PS: Blogspot is working. Yay!