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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Superwoman syndrome

Long time no see dear blog! Sorry, was away for a wedding :)

So what's all this superwoman syndrome about? Its a woman, namely me, saying "I can handle everything" :-p. "Don't worry, I will take care of that", I say to Sri. Am I saying I am making false claims to my hubby? Nope, I do handle things to a great extent. But it doesn't mean I am doing it easily. Its NOT a cake-walk for me. Most of the things end up leaving a physical strain and more importantly, an emotional strain on me. The physical strain, I can deal with. But the emotional part is a bit difficult... Hmmm no wonder people tell me that I've gone down a bit after Sri left for U.S ;-).

I don't know whether I ought to be cribbing about the whole thing as such. Its me who WANTS to handle everything. Its me who really likes being responsible. Its me who believes that if I let others handle things, then they might not handle it too well. Its me who wants to be appreciated when the things I handle get completed efficiently. Its me who feels proud when things do get done. But sadly, its also me who suffers through tension and anguish for all the things I handle.

Exactly what I'm trying to convey here is a lecture to myself on taking it easy. "Take it cool" says Sri. But he's not the one "handling" things here :-p Its me who's been dumped with everything since he's gone. I know I need to relax, but there's so much to be done that I can't help but worry about. Actually, cribbing about it in my blog is a good way to relax :-D Ok ok from now on I'll try to "be cool" {adds this item on her list of things to be handled} :-D

HEY, I'M NO SUPERWOMAN!!! But I'm getting there ;-)

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wise donkey retorted...

what the !!
:)) its funny

and ur right the things people come up with:)