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Monday, April 18, 2005

Point to ponder :)

Nope I'm not going to talk about Indo-Pak Cricket :-p No POINT in that ;-)

Read this recently in "Quotable Quotes" Reader's Digest April 2005, Indian edition:

"If you read someone else's diary, you deserve what you get" - David Sedaris.

:)) But does this apply to blogs too? Hmmmmmmmmm...

Diaries are extremely private. So much that if I have a diary, I wouldn't even let the person closest to me, read it. But weblogs aren't private at all. You can probably remain anonymous and maintain your privacy in a way, but they are public. Any person can read your blog and even comment on it. There is absolutely no question of privacy.

So would you write in a blog what you'd write in a diary? Probably not ;-) But I have been pretty open in my blog. This was proved when one of my closest friends (Hey Vandu, that's you :-D) called me up just to make sure I was ok. This after reading my Love Foolosophy sigh sigh sigh!!! and Forms of loneliness :( posts. I was really so embarrassed {smiles sheepishly} :-D Nothing actually to be embarassed about though :)) I can't really complain because I was the one who mailed them all declaring that I have started blogging :-p

Anyways I like the way that I've been blogging and as long as its that way, I'm gonna keep on doing it my way :)


wise donkey retorted...

well i wouldnt write on blogs what i would write on diary.

and yeah i started with tellin others i am writing blog and its featured etc. but now i dont talk about it.(of course weirdos who comment on o3 didnt help my cause either.).

but while its ok to write about self, never write about office :D

and u write in an interesting manner so keep going :)

Deeps retorted...

Yeah you are 100% right about office. Though only 1 of my collegues who is a close friend knows about my blog, I would not risk writing about my office ;-)

Thanks for the compliment. Now I'll have to come to your blog to compliment you I guess (Leo deals :-D)