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Monday, April 04, 2005

Love Foolosophy sigh sigh sigh!!!

Isn't it strange how one person becomes more important than all the people in your life put together? That too, in a matter of just a few months!! A total stranger who you hadn't even seen a couple of months ago, is all of a sudden the center of your life!!! How weirder can life get??

I can't believe I didn't know Sri till Nov 13th 2005. I still sometimes can't believe I am married to him now ;-) I mean, how do things work out this way? Is it, as they say, that "Marriages are made in heaven"? Were we meant to be together? You just can't believe some of the coincidences in our case. Please believe me when I say, I am telling the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth!!

  • During my first 2 years of B.E at PESIT, it seems Sri was doing a training on Mysore road, daily traveling through the same road that I used to take to college. Crazy or what!

  • About 2 years back, Sri came back to Bangalore from Delhi. He used to stay in BTM and daily travel on some roads, where I used to go to visit some of my friends almost regularly!!!

  • Moreover, he purchased a flat about an year ago. Believe it or not, the flat is right behind my parents' place, about a furlong away and my parents' place is directly visible from the flat!!! This fact actually caused speculation among Sri's cousins and mine that maybe, just maybe we knew each other from before :-D

These are the ones I know, maybe there are many such coincidences that we haven't figured out yet! Does this indicate a pattern or is all of these just a coincidence? Who knows!! I'm not an all-knowing-genius to comment on the same. I'm just speculating on the weird ways of fate and karma and all that ;-) Also, I have to have something to fill my blog with ;-) :-D :-)).

When this person who was a total stranger just a few months ago, has to be away from you for a while, why does it feel as if you are torn apart? Yep, Sri is in a place far far away and I miss him so bad :( He left on Saturday and he called a couple of times already. Still, its a terrible feeling to be away from him :( How come he has gotten to me in such a short time? And they say arranged marriages have no charm :-p My life's become a movie drama now and I don't really know how I'm supposed to behave anymore

Listening to: Now You're Gone by Whitesnake :(((((


Amit retorted...

Cheer up lady ;-)
Good old days will be back soon...

wise donkey retorted...

:) Amazing. no idea on whether its coincidence or a pattern:)

Thanks for ur comment on my blog.

Saw ur profile, always a delight to meet a leo :D and loved the manes line:D

u might find interesting or

Sriram retorted...

Love 'Full'ospohy - am 'Deep'-ly touched by your sentiments :)

Deeps retorted...

Gaya, the manes line was a typical-Leo comment ;-) Thanks, I loved both your posts :)

Sri, you made my day :))

NKOTB retorted...

Thanks for your comments on my blog ...
hehe .. the concept of arranged marriage is really amazing ... sometimes it frightens me ... sometimes I feel that statistically it should work .. am still single and am waiting for my destiny :-)