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Monday, April 11, 2005

How weekends fly...

Weekend achcha tha :) Really dunno how time went ;-) Friday evening Susheela aunty came from KGF and I went to pick her up from Sri's cousin Vani's house. All 3 of us went shopping. Vani wanted to buy a kurtha for her hubby Bharath, but after attacking 3 kurtha shops, we didn't find anything she liked :( Later shopped for Mavina ele (mango leaves), Bevina hoovu (Neem flowers), green mangoes, mallige (jasmine) etc. Had dinner at Vani's place where Lekha joined us. By the time we reached home it was 10:30 PM!!! Friday gone :(

Saturday was Ugadi. Parthiva naama samvatsarada ugadiya hardhika shubashayagalu :) (though belated ;-) ). My inlaws celebrate Chandramaana Ugadi, whereas my parents celebrate Sauramaana Ugadi which is on Apr 14th :) So, I get to celebrate it twice :-D Hari uncle came along in the morning. Had to do vegetable shopping as there was almost nothing at home :-D Beligge beligge I went off and completed the mission very successfully ;-) Later head bath and new dress :) Lekha forgot to get her new dress, so went shopping with her and bought her a new one :) Susheela aunty had invited Mom, Dad and Darsh for lunch with us. God, lunch was great :) Had mavinkai chitranna, pachchadi, saaru, dry fruit roll sweet, shaavige paayasa, bevu bella mixture, chips and what not! Wished Sri was with us a 100 times :( Evening we went to Vani's house for her gruha pravesha. Everything seemed to be happening at once and time passed before I could think :-! We finished dinner at about 10:00 PM and still they wouldn't let us leave. They had Housie (Tambola) organized and Vani insisted we play a round and leave. So we stayed and played and I won the Full House :-D Got a five star for my efforts :-D But by the time we reached home, it was 11:30 PM and so went Saturday :(

Now moving on to Sunday. Lekha had given a pooja at the raayara mhata. So we both wore sarees and went to the mhata. Felt good there :) We had to buy a gift for Vani, so went to Angadi silks and bought a saree. Later went to Vani's house where the second part of the function was going on :) Didn't even have breakfast :( had lunch only at about 3:00 PM :( The best part was it started raining after all guests had had lunch and man, that too heavy rain. Dad dropped Hari uncle as he had to catch a train to Hyderabad. Then, Dad, Mom, Susheela aunty and me left for home. I packed up few of my stuff to take to my parents' place (!!!) and then we dropped Susheela aunty where she had to catch a bus to Bijapur in the pouring rain. Went home and literally crashed!! It was raining and there was no electricity, but was so tired, fell asleep almost immediately :) Sunday ended too :(

The only high point was that the weekend was so hectic, I had no/very less time to brood. Yup I missed Sri a lot whenever I was with his side of relatives, but I had lots of fun :) The problem is that the weekend's gone and I don't feel rested at all :( :-D Cribs, cribs and more cribs :-p.


Sriram retorted...

If wishes were horses, I would have been lucky in kentucky !! :)

Amit retorted...

Keeping yourself (supposedly) busy is the best way not to miss somebody :D or is it just a way to fool urself? ;-)

Deeps retorted...

Fooling myself {grins sheepishly} :-D