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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Gotta be bad, gotta be bold, gotta be wiserrrrrrrrr

OK that's it! I've had enough of the brooding and the sad posts. I'm sounding sad and pitiable, post after post! That's NOT what I created this blog for :-p

OK Sri's away. Does that mean my life's at an end? Nope! Nope! Nope! Actually I'm feeling sorta unmarried in some ways ;-) Lemme list the points :-D

  • I DON'T have to get up early and wait for the milkman! Yeah!!

  • I DON'T have to watch each and every move of the maidservant! Yeah!!

  • I DON'T have to keep the news paper inside or the trash outside! Yeah!!

  • I DON'T have to remove dried clothes from the clothes line and fold them (I help mom but I DON'T have to :-D)! Yeah!

  • Finally I DON'T have to worry about what veggies to get and what to cook! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! :-D

But you know what? I sorta liked being the mistress of my home :) But it can get bugging lots of times, espescially when your hubby's sleeping like a Kumbhakarna and you have to be up to attend to the chores :-p. So I'm gonnu take this time away from Sri to do some stuff like:
  • Catch up with old friends, meet and eat (Instead of wine and dine) :))

  • Go shopping with mom and spend like crazy (Actually, I'm too practical for that :-p)

  • Watch loads of movies and Seinfeld shows that Darsh has loaded into the comp ;-) (Yesterday watched "Waking Life" - Ironic that it was a serious movie and ended up depressing me further :-p)

  • Start reading romance novels again :-D (Love this one :-D)

  • Take out the car and start driving the damn thing again (Do I have to do this? :-p)

  • Go on a good trek (Kemmannugundi, here I come :-D) with anybody who's ready to tag along ;-)

  • Pamper myself with massages, facials and what not (Had a facial and a head massage recently :-D)

Seems like a good set of points. Will follow up on them ASAP. But does this mean I have stopped missing Sri? Nah...{goes back into the sad mood again} :(((


MAVERICK retorted...

Death is the ultimate truth baby!!!! Hmm, quite off beat from a twenty four year old ??

Ok, myself being in Bean counters (Finance industry), remembered the following quote, which i read somewhere. It goes like this - " Death and Taxes are certain, but Death is not ANNUAL"

Amit retorted...

It does seem like good list of
Things to Do...:-)

Deeps retorted...


Once you accept that death is the ultimate truth, there's practically nothing you can be scared of ;-) This does not mean there's nothing I'm scared of :-D I'm working on it though ;-)

wise donkey retorted...

:)) caught u late, hope u have started the items on the list:)