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Friday, August 04, 2006

A computer table saga :)

After 2 topics on "How to", namely "How to White Water Raft" and "How to Ski", this one is relatively simple. How to build a computer table :-p. I am serious! I am writing about how to build a computer table (referred to as CT from now on :-p) from scratch. Err, well, not from scratch, but from a few planks. So what are we waiting for? Lets start :).


1) $80-$90:

To buy a CT from any of the office furniture stores. Hehehe. This is not a prank, this is what you need. It doesn't come assembled and you get it in a carromboard like package :-p. So we got a CT worth about $140 on a deal and got it at $80 something.

2) A vehicle to transfer it to your house:

This is essential as the store might charge extra dollars as shipping if they have to transport it.

3) 2 Hefty people:

Absolutely required. In the store one single hefty guy will transfer it to your car with the help of a pushing cart. But don't be fooled. You need 2 hefty people to do the carrying from the garage to the interior of your home. And a woman doesn't count :-p. I couldn't lift even one corner of the damn package. It was only later we came to know that it weighed a total of 345 pounds!! That's almost 2.5 times my weight and believe me I am heavy :-D.

4) 2 screwdrivers:

Yeah you need one plain one and a star one. And don't let children, if any around, anywhere near this whole setup ;-).

Step 1:

Take out the planks from the package. As I mentioned before, since we were not hefty guys, there was no way we could carry the package inside. So Sri said he'd open the package and move the planks individually himself :).

Step 2:

Put screws into the planks as per a manual included in the package. I actually wasn't included in this activity as I was busy doing something else (actually loafing away :-D). So again Sri did it all by himself.

Step 3:

Assemble the planks into structures as per the manual again :). This is where I came in. We both searched for the previously marked planks and had a gala time fighting over what goes where. It was like putting a big puzzle together :).

Yup, I admit it, I was posing for the photo. What to do? My hubby didn't get the idea of taking a photo while I was unaware of it, so I had to force him to :-D. Very bad, I am >:).

Step 4:

Make sure each and every plank/part goes exactly where it belongs. Yup, we did a mistake and had to disassemble some parts to get back in the right track. Nevertheless that was also fun :).

Step 5:

Thats it. Follow all the instructions and merge all parts together to get a beautiful CT :).

So now I am the proud owner of a CT. Well, I have been for more than a month now, but just never had the time to write about it :-p.

Anyways thats the end of another "How to". Next? Niagara falls folks. Yup, had been there on the July 4th weekend and a hugggggggggggge post is coming up. Its so huge that my head is already reeling just thinking about how much I have to write, err type :-D. Well I just hope I'll be able to complete it within next week :).


Soumya retorted...

Very nice post Deeps...Thoroughly enjoyed it...

But idenu mosa, Sriram ella kelasa madodu, neenu bari pose kododa?? che!che! But I should say, ur share of the job was to write a great blog post about it...ha!ha!

I love the "do it urself" things we get here...I assembled my computer table also and it was so nice...It isn't as big or as heavy(phew!) as urs though...I loved to connect all the planks and joints together...

Waiting for Niagara post...Have fun...

Deeps retorted...

>> Soum >>

Hey he didn't do all the work by himself. Who do you think did the carrying and assembling? Who do you think took all the photos? :-p.

Yeah I loved the do-it-yourself part too :)).

Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

A computer table .. hmm I was thinking of getting one of those , but not as gorgeous as yours :)