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Saturday, August 25, 2007

No answers..

No answers..

What do you do when a dream
Unexpectedly comes true?
Do you applaud?
Do you feel awed?
How can you measure
that which you vastly treasure?

What do you do when a pain
Lingers in your being?
Do you cure?
Do you endure?
How can you forget
that which memory cannot reset?

What do you do when a moment
Makes you happy?
Do you smile?
Laugh a while?
How can you secure
that which no camera can capture?

What do you do when a person
Touches your heart?
Do you cry?
Do you sigh?
How can you confess
that which words cannot express?


wise donkey retorted...

deeps belated Happy Birthday:)

i wish i could express,what i feel after reading it, in words.
a very beautiful poem,
but is the word beautiful, becoming a cliche..

Ab retorted...

yo its about a week late, but couldnt help it... was that late finding yr blog.. hehe
so happy Birthday...! God bless
and a nice blog youve got here.. i comment.. the uck thing that keeps moving on top is a strain to the eye.. maybe you should use someother enhancements of features to make it move smoothly