Like Duck to Water, thats how I have taken to life :). This blog is the saga of love and adventures of a small duck in a large water body called LIFE....

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Friday, August 31, 2007

A tag in time saves NINE ;-)


The following post contains 9 facts about me, one of which is a bland lie. I know , I know I have written so many facts about myself in so many tags that even you must be tired :-p. But well, since you are coming back and reading this, its basically your problem :-p.

Accidental Diva tagged me. So lets start off without much ado :).

  • I have bitten my nails for more than 16 years. I stopped when I got my first job in campus, but resumed after getting married (one of the excuses I get to tease Sri , saying "Its all because of you" ;-) :-D). Right now, I am proud to say I've stopped this dreadful habit (for more than an year now). But looks like it can return anytime after all :-p.

  • I can yap, yap and yap. I'm so talkative that I talked to a person who was practically a stranger (she was my dad's student, but I didn't know her) for about 2 hours over the phone (and this was the first time I ever spoke to her!!) :-D.

  • I've said it a couple of times and I'll say it again. I love adventuring. I have done bungee jumping, white water rafting, ski-ing, rappeling, river-crossing, jet boat rides and para-sailing. Trekking and hiking are what I consider "normal" :-D. I have been wanting to sky-dive for quite a while, but Sri absolutely refused to go and then refused to let me go alone (Awww!! Cho Chweet!). Still there is jet-skiing (or wave-runners as they are called here), scuba-diving and mountain climbing to do ;-).

  • I love travelling. Travel and adventures go hand-in-hand for me. I hope that I get to see the seven wonders (the old ones) atleast once in my life. Additionally, I have aspirations of scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, travel across Sahara desert on a hot air balloon and go on an african safari! I wish I could have unlimited money just so that I can see everything there is to see ;-).

  • I am a cleanliess freak!! I can't handle even a speck of dust anywhere. My kitchen has to be spotless, my bed has to be made and there should be nothing scattered anywhere on the floor. I don't accept anything thats not upto "my" standards!!

  • I have a habit of becoming totally silent whenever I am upset over anything. It is a sure-fire way for Sri to know (now he recognizes the signs ;-) :-D) that he has done something wrong :-D. After all I am talkative otherwise ;-).

  • I am online the whole day on yahoo messenger. As soon as I get a mail, I "have to" open the mail and see it. There's no "it can wait" or "later". Its literally "now". Even when I was working, it was the same case, but then I had my work mail in addition ;-).

  • I admire every single thing in nature. I am fascinated by waterfalls, sunsets, night skies, literally anything in nature and I consider these as "live" paintings by God :). If you go on treks with me, I can guarantee you that you'll spend half the time watching me examine/admire every flower/mushroom/fruit intently and the other half watching me click pictures of anything and everything I see :-D.

  • I am not one of these continuous shoppers. Whenever I go shopping (or even window-shopping for that matter), I can concentrate/show any interest only for about 1-2 hours. Afterwards, I kind of feel dazed, start getting a head-ache and can't wait to go home. It maybe due to the hugggggggggge shopping malls here in US and all that different kinds of lighting inside :-O!

Tell me which one's a lie?
Where, how and why?

Good luck! Well, most people have already done this tag, but if you want to take it up, hey, I'm not gonna stop you ;-) :)).

We are off to Miami tomorrow for the long weekend. So I'll be updating about which is the lie only after coming back (most probably Wednesday :-D). So long!

Update on Sept 6th 2007: I am completely opposite to a cleanliness freak :-D (the 5th point is the lie). Doesn't really mean I allow dirt to be gathered around, but am a bit messy ;-). Maybe due to my inherent laziness. Obviously my parents and Sri knew this (Sri, after seeing the messy bedroom, commented "Wow, this is spotless!" :-D).

Those who got it right, are allowed the privilege of helping me clean the house :)).


Altoid retorted...

Hm, Hello :)

I would pick either 5(cleanliness freak) or 9(continuous shopper syndrome ;). More likely 9.

*keeping fingers crossed(hope there is a decent prize for this effort :D)*

Have a great weekend

MatthewWilliams retorted...

Still, after all, he, Stuhk, was the discoverer, the theatrical Columbus who had had the courage and the vision.. If I lived near a canal I believe I would buy a boat and train my horse to tow.. The absence of any mirth-provoking correspondence, and the appeal solely to his own powers of persuasion, actually struck his fancy.. One solitary candle had been left upon the mantel shelf.. I want you to turn those people out of that suite before night! Very well, he replied with a sigh, and got up to do it.. Nor was this admirable deportment confined to the county in which he held so high official position.. My wife looked at me with a serious expression.. And so the feller took the box, and put up his forty dollars along with Smiley's, and set down to wait. Kingsbury's before breakfast. No one could have detected his disappointment in his manner, albeit his sentences were short and incomplete.. The hypermnesia of the dream and the resort to infantile material have become main supports in our theory.. I'm not hungry, mother, was the revised edition which the freckle-faced boy offered to the maternal ear.. We--shall begin proceedings at once.. The old gentlemen who had been shoved about enjoyed the pun too much to be angry.. Yassir, yassir,--the old man's face stretched with a delighted grin--dat's him, dat's it.. The mention of this dish brings my own childhood and that of my child's near together.. I don't think you have thrown your money away in the land.. But he opened his eyes and looked bravely out of the window; it was time to conquer all this; it was indeed growing ridiculous.. Accordingly he set out on this business, but was unsuccessful at two livery stables, the carriages being all out.. But it's a type, you know--not individual...

Kiran retorted...


interesting..indeed it is!! adventure with the nature! god.. i crave like a little child :-)

and all the posts certainly infer a strong personality..if so!

great going.. and ya hello again

hv a gud time!!