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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dcube is 3cube!

3cube = 27
Dcube = Dare Devil Deepthi!
=> Dcube = 3cube today..

Hmmm 27 eh? I hadn't really gotten over being 26 yet :-\.

Seems like 1 year went off pretty fast!

Hmm maybe I could have accomplished a lot more than what I've done so far...

Though I am 27, I love birthdays. I like it that people remember and so many wish me on that day. Makes me feel special, though I haven't done any ghanakaarya :-p.

But hey people! I'm 27...

... not DEAF!! :-p.

Hmm maybe I'll try this trick. How about I republish all the old posts in reverse? ;-) :-D. Maybe it'll feel like going back in time ;-).

Thinking of being back in time, here's D-mix in chronological order :-D.


Mamatha retorted...

Happy Birthday !!!! :))

Thanu retorted...

Have a wonderful b'day and a great year ahead....

Biju retorted...

have a great year ahead, D!!

Chickoo retorted...

Many happy returns of the day :)

Archana retorted...

Belated birthday wishes :-)! Hope you had a great day! Love those cartoon!

Deeps retorted...

Thank you all :).

Crescent retorted...

Awesome cartoons and a nice way of posting Garfield strips on your birthday :)

Happy birthday dear Deepthi
wow, the lady looks so pretty..
taking care of nitty gritty
searched your blog in Technorati..:D {pun intended}

Have a rocking time ahead :)

timepass retorted...

Dear Deepthi, Belated Bday wishes.. I loved the way u mentioned D3..cute pics of urs

Deeps retorted...


Thanks :). Nice poetry, btw :-D.


Thanks a lot :). I am actually called Dcube by a couple of friends :).

Chickoo retorted...

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Take care

accidental diva retorted...

I'm a little late..but here's wishing you a wonderful 27th bday:)
hope u had a blast:)