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Friday, August 17, 2007

Bharatha Jaya he!

Double posting today, must be a miracle. But saw this video mentioned in a couple of blogs, saw it, got so overwhelmed that I had to post it.

Thanks to YouTube and user emmicity for the video.

I didn't put up any post on Independence day this time. But...

Patriotism is not saying it with a few words..
Patriotism is not singing sogns about the country..
Patriotism is not cribbing about things going wrong..
Patriotism is not "supporting" the troops..

Patriotism is a lingering feeling in the heart..
Patriotism is the love when you think about your country..
Patriotism is the sigh when you hear the national anthem..
Patriotism is the tear you shed when you miss home..

My heart vibrated when I heard the Jana gana mana in the video, my eyes welled up in tears. I miss India so bad that I can taste it. Well, better late than never, hope you had a happy Independence day folks!

1 Comment:

wise donkey retorted...

deeps well said:)
patriotism isnt a 2 day event in a year
its something felt everyday..