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Friday, August 17, 2007

Camping Continued..

I said we'd go camping again and so we did on 10th August 2007. This time to the Natural Bridge State Resort Park. We had been to the park 2 years ago, when we enjoyed trekking to the actual bridge and various points and also tried the sky-lift they had. I thought I had written a post on that then, but we trekked so much that year that probably I had no patience to write posts on them ;-). Anyways this time we didn't go anywhere near the bridge (which is a huge sandstone arch) or the sky-lift. Just went to the campgrounds in the evening, booked a campsite and put the tent.

We didn't even have to use the instruction manual for the tent this time :-D.

As usual, we took a nice stroll around (there is no lake around but the area is almost like a forest), gathered a few kindling sticks (we had bought firewood earlier) and later had a campfire. Sadly, the campfire didn't really turn out to be as roaring as we expected it to be (must be because it had rained a bit the previous day and so the wood might have not been all that dry :-\). Anyways, we were able to roast our corn cobs and later roast the veggie pattis without any problems.

I rubbed the roasted corn cobs with lemon, salt and corriander chutney and they were ready to eat! Yummmm..

The pattis were also ready in a matter of time (as soon as we had gobbled up the corn cobs :-D)..

Soon veggies were cut and the pattis became a part of the Veggie burgers (and soon landed in our stomachs :-D) :)).

We sat in front of the fire for some time and later took another walk around. It was a really beautiful night with a clear sky and billions of stars visible. And I just love the night sky without the moon. Its such a lovely sight :). Still later, we retired for the night. This time, thankfully, our air pump worked fine, so soon the air bed was almost like a real bed. We had also taken pillows, so were able to have a good night sleep :).

Morning, we packed up the tent and left. And so another camping adventure came to an end..