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Monday, May 02, 2005

Ok now the real deal :)

It all started one bright March 14th Monday morning when Sri was informed that he might be sent on a 6-month project to Lexington, Kentucky, U.S. Yup my Que Sera Sera :-" post was due to that ;-). He called me up to ask me whther I had any problems with the whole thing. What could I say? Our plan was to be here atleast till about 6 months after our marriage and then maybe go to U.S for about 2 years. Later come back here to Bangalore. But life doesn't always go according to our plans. Sri had already refused too many onsite travel opportunities due to our marriage, now he wasn't really in a position to refuse one more. Plus the project sounded great for his career as well. All plus for him.

All minus for me. I was totally stuck. Didn't have a clue what to do! 6 months was too long to be apart, so it meant I couldn't stay here and had to go along. Go on leave? I didn't have that much leave and only option was loss-of-pay, but I wasn't sure my workplace would agree to that. Moreover the project may get extended and that meant longer leave. It also meant me doing nothing and staying at home for the whole period. Next option was resignation. It meant I could try for a job there, but it isn't easy when you are going on a dependant visa. I had to look at studying options too and studying in U.S is costly man, unless you get a scholarship or some sort of aid which is again very improbable. Third option was getting a transfer from my work place to U.S. This would be the prefect solution but was an almost-impossibility as the transfers to U.S from India are very rare. Moreover even if I got a transfer I'd be in one corner of U.S while Sri would be in another. Which meant its almost equivalent to me staying in India. Just perfect!! My options were limited. I had to accept that the bottomline was my resignation option :(

Another problem was that the client was making some noises and the project was fluctuating from 1-6 months though it was first said to be a 6-month project. Usually a workplace agrees to sponsor an employee's spouse's dependant visa, only if the project is for minimum 6 months. So my visa was also in a fix. The processing, hence, would start only after Sri would go there and determine that the project is for 6 months. How problematic could life get???

Sri left for KY on Apr 2nd, exactly a month back. And we hadn't even completed 2-full months after our marriage :( The first week, the person he was supposed to co-ordinate with was on vacation, so no decision about the duration of the project could be made. Only in the second week did Sri know that it was going to be a 6-month project. Then started my head aches. I had to collect/submit forms, call up various people regarding my visa, collect tickets and what not. Meanwhile, also had to attend gruhapraveshas and weddings ;-) I also had to inform my workplace regarding my problem.

I called up my manager in U.S 2 weeks ago. Before I could even say the word "transfer", she herself said she didn't want to lose me and would I like to consider a transfer!! Oh Boy, would I now!! You betcha ma'am :) But she had to clear up things with a Senior director and that would take some time... But I was so glad. It sure feels good when you know how appreciated you are...

My visa stamping was without any hitches last week as explained in the previous post :-D Next day I was informed by my manager that the senior director has approved my transfer!!! Also, that my case was an exception :)) The formalities have already begun :) Man, how things work out!! The best part is that I can work from Sri's corner of U.S (Tele-commute) :-D Oof everything is so good that it is almost scary!! I'm only praying that everything will continue to be good...

So now I shouldn't have any problems right? Not exactly :( I have just had a major fight with Sri, but that's another story.....

Update: The so-called major fight has been resolved (for now :-p), so alls well again :-D :)))


Amit retorted...

Wish you more Luck Deepthi...This is long time I m looking at blogs. Was just too much occupied with so called work...Any ways I am sure u r going to have a blast of a time here in US. If you are on a short term, this place rocks...Njoy!!!

wise donkey retorted...

Just soooooooooooo happy for you. In a way i was scared while reading ur blog. and when i came across transfer not possible i thought oh no:(

and then when i realised u were leaving on transfer, just felt so delighted.

take care and hope u have a wonderful time:)