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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Que Sera Sera :-"

What will be will be.. No matter whether you jump into a well, you struggle, you stomp your foot in disgust, you grin and bear it or you protest... So is it better to strain yourself about what's happening or is it better to smile, be calm and face whatever happens? Obviously the second option sounds better. But preaching and practicing it in our lives are different things altogether :-D Sad, but true.. You try to calm yourself and tell yourself that whatever has to happen will happen, but still that's not enough. What to do?

I also believe that whatever happens happens for the good! There was this instance I heard that a person working in WTC got his turn of buying doughnuts on the D-day of 9/11. He complained, cribbed and made all sorts of noises and went out of the building to buy them. That's when the planes crashed into the building. So the guy actually owes his life to the fact that he was the unfortunate person to buy doughnuts that day! Since I heard this, whenever something happened to me, I have always thought its for good. I'm not simply boasting of my good qualities, its just that I have adopted this positive line of thinking. Again I'm not a God, I still worry about things when I know they are gonnu happen. But once they do, I resign to them and think maybe its for my own good.

Why am I talking about this today? Good question. I can't answer it right now because things are a bit hazy. Will update once they are a bit more clear cut :)

Listening to: Road To Mandalay by Robbie Williams

"Everything I touched was golden
Everything I loved got broken
On the road to Mandalay
Every mistake I've ever made
Has been rehashed and then replayed
As I got lost along the way"

1 Comment:

Amit retorted...

Well pretty philosophical. U seem to be in sombre mood. Cheer up girl! If you could control what you think, then there wouldnt be any problems...