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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Finally the photos you've been waiting for ;-)

Did I blog 10 days ago??? Looks like the initial excitement phase is fading away. Anyways, finally got all my wedding photos scanned and uploaded them to my Yahoo.

Click on the below photo to check out Naandi and Varapooje photos:

Click on the below photo to check out the wedding photos:

And finally, click on the below photo to check out the reception photos:

Hurry!! Will be shared only for some time ;-).


Amit retorted...

Photos have really come out very well. But there is one other thing which I must mention that every time i see a south Indian marriage I dont know but I appreciate the differences between south Indian tradition and North Indian tradition :-) Its so difft....

wise donkey retorted...

Best Wishes for a long happily married life :)