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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Parents' place?????

Now that I have started blogging, I seem to have lots of matter to write about. I only hope the enthu is not just a beginner's excitement and will continue to remain throughout my life :).

Yesterday Sri (My dearest hubby - Sriram) and me had been to my parents' place (note the usage - have a paragraph about this later) to have dinner with them and to say bye to my cousin Rohith who came down from Melbourne just for the wedding. Darsh (Darshan - My bro) and Rohi were busy burning CDs - videos and stuff that Rohi wanted to take with him. Darsh plays guitar (has a band of his own called Black Earth - I dunno why these bands have these sad names) and Sri listened to him play for the first time and was suitably impressed :-D Later we had dinner - assorted items from cakes (which I had taken) and biscuit ambode (a Mangalorean dish) to mosaru vade (again a special item) were eaten with comments from "Oh wow" to "I'm full, no thanks" :) We didn't go to the airport to drop Rohi. Mom, Dad and Darsh did. I packed up some of the clothes (haven't yet shifted them all to my new home) and we left. That's it.

Now coming to the concept of "Parents' place" - This concept/usage is still strange and bewildering to me. I guess all Indian girls getting married will go through the same thing but I can't help but rant about it. The major change that a girl goes through once she is married is that her previous "home" now becomes her "Parents' place" and the house that she lives in with her hubby becomes her current "home". I still don't get why a daughter is married and sent away, while the son can happily live in his "home" for his lifetime :-p Not that they actually do ;-) My parents have never treated me or my brother any different, there was never any gender-bias at home. Yet they have to follow the so-called society traditions and send the beloved daughter away. Everyone has to follow the culture and those who don't automatically are deemed "misfit". Well, who am I to talk about such things? I am not too much of a rebel either ;-) I have married and come to my hubby's place, haven't I? I am just a simple gal (yeah right :-p) writing about the changes I'm going through. Both my home and my parents' place are still "home" to me. But sometimes, just sometimes, I really wish I could go back to where I was....

Today being Wednesday, beligge beligge (beligge is morning in Kannada) I had a conference call to attend. I honestly hate these calls and I don't care who's reading this :-p The calls, according to me are "Much ado about nothing"!!! Anyways now I'm at office typing away at my blog and checking mails (a S/W engineer's usual job :-D). Hopefully the day will go well.

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ajnabi retorted...

Nice blog..
Parents place is the most wonderful place. I live in saudi and miss my parents place. (guys too miss the parents place)!