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Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend update :)

Back to work after a sort-of-hectic weekend :)

Friday the 11th (not the 13th :-D), we (Sri, dad, Darsh and me) left for my cousin Manju's place in Hassan and he had a Durga Namaskaara organized on the occasion of his home's anniversary :) We reached at about 7:00 PM in the evening and the pooja went off great. Dinner was excellent too and basically Manju and Devika bhaabhi were happy that Sri and I could make it :). On Saturday, we stayed in Hassan till lunch and then left for Bangalore. We were here by evening 7:00 PM. Sri's cousin, Srikanth was leaving for US and we went to the airport to see him off. Sunday i.e yesterday, we were actually supposed to go to KGF to Triveni maasi's place to attend a Sathyanarayana pooja. But Sri was somehow not feeling that well, so we decided to skip it. But we did go to Vani's (Srivani - another of Sri's cousins) new house to meet Hari (Srihari - Vani's brother) and we spent some time there. Evening we attended Sindhu's (Our family friend Trivikrama Rao's daughter and she's a friend to me too) engagement and enjoyed dinner there. Phew! So went the weekend!!

So what's my crib of the day? :-D Previously, when I was still not married, if there was an invitation to a function, I could always have told my parents to go and I myself need not have attended. Even while attending a wedding reception, I tend to avoid the video cameras. So I would ask my parents to go up the stage and wish, whereas Darsh and me would remain seated neeche ;-) But now since Sri and me are the only ones, we have to attend each and every function we've been invited to. We have to be the ones to go up on stage too. Does that mean I am complaining about the people who are inviting us? Definitely not!! If they don't invite us, I'd probably get offended :-D I'm just cribbing for cribbing sakes ;-)

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