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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Been there jumped that :-D

Yup I am sorta crazy about some adventure sports as you can see in the photo. Though I started only about 2 years back, I guess the saying "Better late than never" really holds good in my case. I have done trekking, river-crossing and rappelling. Recently during my honeymoon in South Africa, I did Bungee jumping (some people also spell it Bungy) and man, I loved it. I always used to say "I'll do Bungee jumping atleast once in my life and if I'm alive at the end of it, I'm gonnu do it again and again and again :-D". Now that I'm alive (no, if you thought I was a ghost till now, mein bhagwad gita ki kasam khaake kehti hu ke me zinda huun :-D), I really wanna do it a million times. The feeling is really amazing (like almost death). Right now the photos haven't yet been developed. Once they are done, I am gonnu dedicate a whole day's blog to only bungee ;-).

BTW if you are really interested in knowing where I did it, check out Bloukrans bungy jump here at Face Adrenalin. Yep, its a cool 216m jump, supposedly world's highest and I did it!! I did it!! I did it!!! My next plan is sky diving and Sri already seems scared at the prospect ;-)

So why are people crazy about adventure sports? I mean, why do people take risks and do something that actually can take away their lives, while they could have been couch potatoes (I was one sometime back...) and watched TV aaramse from their couch? Why the need for the adrenalin rush? I don't really know about others, but to me adventure sports give a sense of purpose and once I'm done, a feeling of accomplishment. They take me away from my drab existence. They make me feel I have actually done something in the short life of mine. Maybe I haven't done what millions of people haven't already done, maybe I haven't done anything great, but still I feel that I have achieved something. Does it mean I haven't achieved anything till now? Nope, that's not true at all. My engineering degree with a distinction is an achievement, so is my job in one of the top international S/W companies. In fact, my marriage to Sri is also an achievement (after all I successfully trapped him :-D). So then why do I need these extra activities for a sense of achievement? There is a huge thrill, yes and it feels great having friends and relatives admire your bravery (even though the truth is that you were scared to death while you were actually doing it). But is that all? Or is it the thought of cheating death that's so very exciting? Or is it that after such a stunt you feel "Its great to be alive"? Honestly I feel its a heady combination of all these and more. If you ask me what more, maybe I can't tell you. The more is felt only by a person who has gone through it. So wanna try ;-)?