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Friday, June 19, 2009

1 and a half baby!

Mom was writing posts, then she made the excuse of tweets, then vanished :-p. I guessed its time for Snugster, the super baby :-D. Did you miss me? I guess not :(. Whether you miss me or not, I have to come and tell you what I've been upto every now and then. See, I'm such a good baby ;-).

I'm 1.5 years old today! Mom is still wondering where all the time went. And dad wishes he can understand half the things I keep babbling about (but he has conversations with me as if he does :-p). He doesn't know that we babies have our own code language :-D. He keeps trying to decode it, but hey I am not helping :-D. Okay okay, I know you are here for my updates, so lets start off..

I love being in the kitchen, I love banging bowls and spoons and all that jazz :-D.

I can open jars and bottles now, so whenever I see an opportunity, like a full water bottle within my reach, I open it and pour the water out :-D. Whats worse (according to mom, not according to me :-D), was that for 4 days, almost continuously, I took the salt shaker on the dining table and threw the salt all over the kitchen floor. Sadly, I have to report that I have been banned from the kitchen these days. Even when I'm allowed in there, I feel their hawk eyes on me all the time. Sigh!

I climb anything and everything these days. I not only climb the sofa, I try and climb the top portion of the sofa..

Mom keeps thanking God, that the house is carpeted everywhere. But she forgets about the kitchen where I try and climb the dining chairs ;-) :-D. BTW I have 16-teeth now!

I don't really trouble mom when it comes to food (now that gives me ideas, hehehehe). But I have some personal favourites. I love eating fruits and curd. Lovvvve Curd :). So much that mom puts some in a bowl and gives me a spoon to eat it now and then.

Well, its another story altogether that I hardly eat 1 or 2 spoons, rest is either on me or around me ;-).

Mom told you about my love of cats, but I love anything with 4 legs. We had been to the zoo sometime back, and I loved the petting zoo. I squeezed everything and anything in sight..

The warden was warning us not to touch the goats' tails and horns, but hey, I don't know English :-p. I didn't want to leave the place, they carried me while I was making loud and clear protests :-p.

Mom allows me to play in the backyard these days and I have discovered another love - my love of destroying grass life :-D.

I tear the grass, watch birds and planes for hours :).

For months now, I have been trying to open doors (mom has been feverishly thanking God each day that I can't). I have been frustrated about the whole thing, but have never given up.

All my efforts have been rewarded now. I can open doors for about a week now. No one, I repeat, no one can escape me now! Hehehehehe >:-)).

Mom told you about me speaking a lot of things, I say lots more now - Amma, Naana, Ammamma, Ajja, Thaatha, Mama, Aththa, Baabu, Paapu, Hai, Bye, Okay, Hala (Hello), Aithu, Pake (Park), Bala, Banana, Appal (Apple), Ubbala (Umbrella), Bucke (bucket), Dhudhu (for milk) and Abbu (for wound). Hey, I have to make them understand na, they are not brilliant enough to understand my language :-p. Other than these, whenever mom and dad ask me a few questions, I try to answer -

Q: "Sayankala ellige hogona?" (Where shall we go in the evening?)
A: "Pake" :-D.
Q: "Naana elli hogiddare?" (Where has dad gone?)
A: "Aatha" (for office)
Q: "Naana office ge hege hodru?" (How did he go to office?)
A: "Drrr" (for car)
Q: "Dhudhu kudiyona ok na?" (We'll drink milk ok?)
A: "Okay"
Q: "Aaitha?" (Are you done?)
A: "Aaithu"
Q: "What does tiger say?"
A: "Grrrrrr"
Q: "Whats your name?"
A: "Dhaa"

:-D. I also have a new bunny which sings and shakes its face/ears, I love dancing to its tunes. I can recognize many tunes - I do star shape in my hands and say "Appa" (for "Up above the world so high") whenever I hear the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle", I say "Yeeyaa yeeyaa" whenever I hear the tune of "Old McDonald", I clap my hands when I hear the tune for "If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands" and I say "bow bow" when mom sings "Nayi mari".

Hmm what else? I love to go to park and we try and go most evenings. I walk the entire way, while coming back they make me sit in the stroller. I'd rather walk :(. (Mom and dad keep laughing about it, but I'm trying to make a good impression here :-p). Also, I can climb up and slide on the slide on my own. Say hello to the new independent me :-D.

Lots of achievements for a 1.5 year old, don't you think? :-D. See ya later, alligator!


on9thcloud retorted...

Wow Snugli, You are brilliant! No wonder yours is a proud mommy:-)

Phalguni A.V retorted...

lovely Snugli post :) she is getting cute(r)by the day !!

Soumya retorted...

Hey Snugli! You are smart as well as adorable! Keep up the good job, sweetheart.
Thanks to your mom, we get updates about you so regularly with photos and blog posts.