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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The sale..

We went to an estate sale yesterday. Here in US, yard sales/garage sales are the best places to look for almost-new inexpensive items. We are looking for a couple of things and the sale sounded interesting. I learnt that an estate sale means someone has died and they are selling his/her possessions, but didn't expect the impact it'd have on me. When we actually went into the house, everything in it was for sale. There were so many beautiful pieces of crockery and every furniture in the house was matched (and there were lots from small tables to bed sets). And I kept thinking that some woman (well, there was also a very well-maintained collection of tools, so a man was also involved) had painstakingly collected it all over the years, probably assembling things piece by piece on the basis of affordability, cleaning and maintaining them over the years. And here they were, marked with price tags, so callously being disposed off to different people. The entire set of things would never belong together again.

I felt something very close to sadness, don't know why. It was like a glimpse into future, you know. When maybe you won't be there anymore and somebody will get rid of the "junk" you are collecting now..


Sachin retorted...

"Junk we collect"... man thats ruthless... :)

Soumya retorted...

I completely understand because I have myself thought about the same thing many times.